BGP Load Balancing

I am looking for using BGP routing protocol betwene my branch network & to my Data center.

In my branch network I have 2 links & they are connected to my Data center,
I want to use both the links & need to load sharing on these both the links.

Is it possible to achieve this by BGP routing protocol...
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Something like this should work. is the loopback of the other router. Just mirror the config on the other side.

 router bgp 300
  neighbor remote-as 300
  neighbor update-source Loopback0

 ip route (this is the real interface of the next hop)
 ip route

interface loopback 0
ip address
Craig BeckCommented:
Yep, as above if you're using Cisco routers.  Or, you could use EIGRP if your Cisco kit doesn't have a license or feature set for BGP functionality.

With EIGRP you'd do it as a standard EIGRP routing config, but include the max-paths command in the EIGRP process.
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
I am attaching the logical diagram of the network which I am planning to implement.
Would like to know how this can be done

I have a branch network. It is connected to 2 DC.
I am planning to buy MPLS link from 2 different service provider.
I want to make use of both the links & keep in Active - Active so that I can utilize both the links.

The branch network for ex- The DC primary is &
So if the network wants to communicate to the DC network the traffic should be load balanced with both the MPLS links.
The return traffic from the DC should also be from the same service provider & there should not be any asymmetric routing.

How this can be achieved ?
Since this is the MPLS network I believe the service provider will be using BGP.
So wanted to know if I need to run BGP inside my branch network also ?
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SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
Any help for the above
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
Any help for the above
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
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