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Youtube video quality


I'm unsure if this is the right topic to ask this, but here goes: why do my good quality 1280x760 videos (with screen captures for instructions) end up looking like rubbish after uploading to Youtube?

If I watch them immediately after Youtube says they're OK, then they are (OK).

But 5-10mins afterwards, they suddenly look very bad. And it seems there is no difference what screen resolution the user asks for.

So how do I get _real_ HD video uploaded to Youtube????
Knut Hunstad
Knut Hunstad
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2 Solutions
You must ensure you upload with correct resolution and proper codec or Youtube will re-encode the file with a low bitrate and otherwise muck up your video

See: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en
Knut HunstadAuthor Commented:
Ok. But I use Sony Vegas Video, which I think is a quite acknowledged program. But I can't find any way of "rendering as" anything like "H.264", so I'm sort of lost in the dark with your suggestion.
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Khun I use Fraps and the captured output is always very large due to the fact it's a raw avi,
and found that same problem when uploading my game captures to youtube.
 I resolved it by opening my captured video from Fraps in windows moviemaker and saving the movie for HD Display not only is the quality pretty good but the size is vastly reduced.
WMM save movie forIf you want to check them out link below to my game captures from Fraps converted in WMM
  and then decide if you would prefer to change settings in your Sony Vegas instead
My Skyrim captures.

With Skyrim the 3D graphis are so beautiful it's a great shame if youtube reduces the quality absolutely.
Also under your video in youtube there is an option to view in HD 1080 if you have it.
youtube quality
If you haven't asked this question here
you'll find great answers
Optimal Sony Vegas Render Settings for HD Youtube Videos?
Knut HunstadAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answers!

I'm slowly realizing that the problem must be in the way Youtube decides which resolution you can handle. At work yesterday, everything was rather grainy (we tested on a lot of PCs). But looking at the same videos from home, they are good! Can anyone confirm that even if you select HD video during playback, Youtube might decide you can't handle it and send you everything in lower resolution?

We have a fast network at work, so I have no idea _why_ it's not considered fast enough by Youtube, but that's another question...
Yes, Can anyone confirm that even if you select HD video during playback, Youtube might decide you can't handle it and send you everything in lower resolution?

I personally believe sometimes a video on youtube will appear grainy then render to really clear, could be bandwidth as my video card is brand new and Nvidea 680 OC.
A lot depends on the combination> internet speed how big the aspect ratio is of the video and the video card and what format youtube converts the video from to flash
YouTube Upload: Tips, Specs, Limits & Formats
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