Date problem in Firebird

Hi, I have a problem using dates in Firebird.
       T1:= StrToDate(MaskEdit3.Text);
       T2:= StrToDate(MaskEdit4.Text);

                             'WHERE ((FACTUURDATUM BETWEEN :pNu AND :pNi) ' +
                             'AND (KLANTID = :pKLANTID) AND (VOLDAAN = 1))';
                  ParamByName('pNu').AsDate:= T1;
                  ParamByName('pNi').AsDate:= T2;
                  ParamByName('pKLANTID').AsDate:= Temp1query1.FieldByName('KLANTID').AsInteger;;

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I get an error when  (FACTUURDATUM BETWEEN :pNu AND :pNi) --> conversion error -303

I tried tot use CAST, but the result is the same. What might be the problem here ?

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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
firebird doesn't like the format of the date string, is FACTUURDATUM a timestamp my any chance
mariowayAuthor Commented:
No , Date

       with Distinctfactuurklantidquery do begin
                    'WHERE ((VOLDAAN = 1) AND (FACTUURDATUM BETWEEN BETWEEN :pNu AND :pNi))';
         ParamByName('pNu').AsDate:= T1;
         ParamByName('pNi').AsDate:= T2;

this query for instance works fine; strange .....
mariowayAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I see now that I made an error

ParamByName('pKLANTID').AsDate:= Temp1query1.FieldByName('KLANTID').AsInteger;

Should be:   ParamByName('pKLANTID').AsInteger:= Temp1query1.FieldByName('KLANTID').AsInteger;;
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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
if you replace the variables with hard-coded values does it work then, try several different formats and dates and post the results
mariowayAuthor Commented:
Nick, it works now, I coded: ParamByName('pKLANTID').AsDate, should be: ASINTEGER

Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
so basically wrong error message

btw: seems wierd you are selecting based on primary key (I assume pklandid) and other criteria at the same time
Sinisa VukSoftware architectCommented:
So, this is solved. But just for info about formatting in firebird:
Although we can use:
ParamByName('....').AsDate ...
I prefer to use "native" string formatting in code and concatenate into sql string.

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