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Network Scanner Tool - Sharp

Hi pplz,

I have a client who has a Sharp multi function. It has a USB / Network port.

It seems scan only works via USB.  However there is an addon card to make it work via the network. The USB is then connected to the back of the printer then connected to a card on the scanner then runs out via the Network.

The old server which I replaced had an item of software running called

"Network Scanner Tool Version 3.2

The Network Scanner Tool receives scanned image files from network scanner devices
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From the intro i understand you want to have the tool installed again?
If so you can download the newest version here.
(Although this looks to me like a security tool)

Maybe you are better off with this piece of Sharp software.
The network scanner tool is normally a piece of software called "SharpDesk". I have a client who lease their MFPs and they got SharpDesk as part of that, but it think you normally have to pay for it.
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Here is a screenshot of the software I am looking for .
Find out the exact model number from your client and then search for available downloads here:

Regards, Joe
@Alwaysleaningmore - indeed. That is part of the SharpDesk software...
The model is an AR-M207. Thanks guys
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I did try Sharp today they palmed me off to the local dealer who had no idea.

Any how I ended up setting up scan to FTP as the answer this solve the issue thank you all for your help .
You're welcome. And thanks to you for letting us know how you fixed it...utilizing FTP was a good idea. Regards, Joe
I have a sharp MX-C300W all in one system with windows 7 sharpdesk software that allows you to scan documents into one PDF file. Recently I had to upgrade to windows 10 and the sharpdesk stopped working. Is there a patch or fix or is there a generic program like paint I can use to scan with sharp MX-C300W.
Hi Dave,
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