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RDP issue from Windows 7 to Windows 2008 and Windows 2012


After a user inserts his login details into the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) window when trying to RDP to Windows 2012 RDS. The RDC window just gets greyed out and you can just see the RDS server name.  Even after terminating the process he gets the same when trying to connect to any Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 RDS servers......  Strangely when he tries to RDP to a Windows 2003 Terminal server he is fine and can get in.

No other user has this problem!

Steps taken so far to possibly fix the issue;

Numerous reboots
Upgraded to RDP 8
Login as another user
New profile on desktop and on the RDS server
Replaced desktop
Replaced network port
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Norm Dickinson

Make sure the computer is free of any malware or other infection, and check the firewall settings / log to see if that is preventing some part of the process. Is there anything showing up in the event logs?
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Have already checked for mal ware,   it's quite intermittent as it starts working randomly.  Nothing did show up in the logs.  Even on the replacement desktop it happened.
Are the Windows updates current?
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Go into the rdp connection properties and click the experience tab and disable bitmap caching

Windows are up to date.

Have ran the RDP cleanup tool to clear settings and delete any config in the registry.

Not sure if it resets the bitmap caching will find out tomorrow.
Turned bitmap off made no difference
Have you cleaned up temp files? Both the desktop and browser.
Been away from work over the festive period :-)

Have cleaned the temp profiles for both desktop and browser still the same problem.
Safe mode with networking support?
I will be returning to the office on Wednesday and will try safe mode with networking.

Just baffled even after giving new profile and even a new PC still happens!
My thoughts with the safe mode are that some piece of software or driver is causing the issue. Maybe updating drivers will help, as will MSCONFIG - go to Start, type in MSConfig and press enter. Click the Startup tab and disable all, apply, OK, restart and try again. This will disable most of the startup software and approaches safe mode. There will be some things that will not work though - like safe mode - so it will just be a step to narrow down what is causing the issue. If it works in safe mode or MSConfig, that means it is software or a driver.
Will put on hold until middle February. As the user currently has a workaround he can rdp on to a Windows 2003 server and then rdps on to Windows 2012 RDS.
Thanks for the update. I think you will be able to narrow it down to some particular software that is causing the issue. We will be here when you get a chance to try.
Just need some more time to keep this open
Take your time...
Still need more time. Thanks
Sure, we are still here waiting to help out when the time is right...
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Have tested after a couple of months the issues has resolved itself.