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serial in form

i have one form master & details
details is based on table : det_trans
it contain column : line_no which should contain the serial number of each tabular entry
describ is the last field in det_trans
i put in post_text_item of that field this code


then it saved ok
but sometimes , only sometimes , when i update one or more record in that details
it send me message : unable to update record
i checked all codes , i quess there is mistake in my previous code

is there any other code i use it to give that serial ?
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i will try it
because i'm not always posting descrit
post_record not solve the problem

add the output of the 'show-error'-key (that may show the reason, why the record could not be updated).

how to use it ?

The key for showing Oracle Forms errors is depending on system settings, version and key mappings. You might try the combinations Shift+F1 or  Ctrl+Shift+E (maybe Ctrl+F1 shows the key mappings).
it display an error that : constraint GL_PK vioilated
actually i'm not the owner of that  table
but when i view the constraint of it , i found the constraint gl_pk
but i don't know what is the column contain the primary key
it shows null as per the attached image
sorry it fail to attached
any how here is its definition
constraint name : GL_PK
constraint type : primary key
owner : null
search condition : null
refernce table : null
Could you please post the output of following query:

select column_name, table_name from all_cons_columns where constraint_name = 'GL_PK';

Open in new window

Is this the master- or the detail-table?
year , period , tr_code , tran_no , line_no
table name : gen_ledgers
it is details table for master table name : master_gen_ledger

the first 4 columns :  year , period , tr_code , tran_no are the links between master & details


before , i used to call that procedure post_text_item of : describt , as i mentioned before
but after your advice , i call it now on : post_insert  of the record level (gen_ledgers)

till now i didn't face any problem after changing the trigger , but let investigate the old records having problem ,  how to request the message inside the trigger to show the value of each 5 records mentioned above ?
Do you mean you want to show the values of each field?

message('Year: ' || :gen_ledgers.year); synchronize;
message('Period No.: ' || :gen_ledgers.period_no); synchronize;

And so on...
yes , but not for all records
i would like this message to retrieve only for records making the primary key  vioileted
still waiting
any replay ?