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How can you auto logout a user rather than just lock the screen / require a password?

I was asking someone if they wanted their computer to put up the screen saver and require password when it wakes up.  

They misunderstood me and wrote 'yes, can you setup the auto logoff'. made me think - the users are standard users.  So when the computer locks, others can't use the computer - only admins and that previous user can log off the machine.

Is there a way to auto logoff users after x minutes?  Yeah, if a word doc or similar is open, it would either just force close word or save it with a default name? (although forcing close word is ok, because auto save will bring it back next time they open word?).

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actually, even better would be to switch users rather than logoff, right?  after x minutes, it goes back to the login screen for other users to log in but the original user's desktop is still available if they log back in.  It's only 2 users on the machine so it won't have loads of suspended sessions.
In the Screen Saver settings there is a setting to Display Logon on resume. Try using that to see if it works. I confess I do not bother with it, so I do not know for sure.

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that will lock the screen and require the current user's password or an administrator username / password to unlock it.

another user is out of luck to be able to use the computer at this point.  

I'd like to kick the user off after x minutes so another user can log in.

I found several apps that will do this.  I guess it's a question of which is best / most stable...

 and a couple others.
In addition, I saw Auto Lock that looks like it could do the trick and has a fairly standard interface to work with.

See the link just above using Auto Lock for a download link.

Of the two you picked, I liked Shutdown Timer the best.

Of the three, I like Auto Lock the best.

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Kwoof - that's it!?  Seems too easy : )

How about switch user rather than logoff?  

and maybe also include  /t 60 or /f - give them time to move the mouse to reset the clock and if word or another app is open, force them closed?  Otherwise, it will hang at the 'want to save this' message, right?
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people have had trouble with the /t and the /c to comment, but I would try to see if it works on the OS you are running.

It would be great to have the switch user option...but I don't believe that it is available on shutdown.exe

For something more involved, you need to buy software (like a WinExit screensaver trigger), or write it...shouldn't be too hard to write in .Net? you go...create 2 tasks...say you want to logout at 10 minutes with a 1 minute warning...create the logout task at 10 minutes...then create a 9 minute task that pops up a warning window...if they  make any action to release the warning, it would restart the idle timer.