can some one help me with this issue

[root@dnsserver named]# service named start
Generating /etc/rndc.key:                                  [  OK  ]
Starting named:
Error in named configuration:
zone loaded serial 42
zone NS '' has no address records (A or AAAA)
zone not loaded due to errors.
_default/ bad zone
ittechlabLinux SupportAsked:
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ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
[root@dnsserver named]# ls -l
total 8
-rw-r--r--. 1 root named 395 Nov  1 23:01
-rw-r--r--. 1 root named 316 Nov  1 22:18
[root@dnsserver named]#
[root@dnsserver named]# pwd
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
[root@dnsserver named]# cat
$TTL 86400
@               SOA root (
                          42      ; serial, todays date+todays
                          3H      ; refresh, seconds
                          15M     ; retry, seconds
                          1W      ; expire, seconds
                          1D)   ; minimum

@               NS
dnsserver       A
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
[root@dnsserver named]# cat
$TTL 86400
@   SOA (
                3215040200      ; serial, todays date+todays
                86400           ; refresh, seconds
                7200            ; retry, seconds
                3600000         ; expire, seconds
                86400 )         ; minimum, seconds

         IN NS
110      IN PTR
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ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
[root@dnsserver named]# cat /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf
        directory "/var/named";

zone "" {
        type master;
        file "";
        allow-transfer {;};

zone "" {
        type master;
        file "";
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am not sure from a Linux point of view.

Is this a today issue?  There are widespread power outages here.

.... Thinkpads_User
ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
I am just setting up new DNS server on my system.  I am getting that error.
Did you change your serial number after your last update of your files?  And then restarted DNS again?

The serial number of file is 42, which is valid.

Traditionally, people make it something like


Which is year month day and last two digits for the number of times you modified your file today. So 03 would mean that it is the fourth version for today.

If you don't change it, it would not load the changes.
Try something like named-checkconf -z -j -p
It is the tool start script tries...

@               NS

should be

ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
i fixed it. it was some syntax issue.

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ittechlabLinux SupportAuthor Commented:
I fixed my self. Please close this question.
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