Custom Template for Joomla

Hi There

I am currently building a custom template to be used in Joomla cms.  For the custom template I am using the bootstrap framework.

However I find that once the template has been installed in Joomla cms it is not displaying the way it should do.  If I open the file as a normal html file, it displays the way I expect it.  

Can anyone please advise.  Please see attachments to view the custom template,  please try to install it in your joomla cms and let me know what results you get.
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The easiest way to do it, is to use

I will try your template later.
smaids123Author Commented:
Thanks for the joostrap link, I will definitely be referring to it in the future.

Look forward to your response concerning the template.

Many Thanks
smaids123Author Commented:

Was you able to try the template?
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I'm still in vacation for the holiday I will be back on January 6.

Happy New Year
smaids123Author Commented:
Ok thank you very much

And happy new year to you aswell.
smaids123Author Commented:
Hi There

Any thoughts on the template,

Many Thanks

I did some test and the template is not working on my installation.
Which Joomla version are you using?
smaids123Author Commented:
Hi There

I am using Joomla! 3.2.0, the installation works, however my problem is that the css bootstrap styling is not working properly.

Ok I will retry tonight
smaids123Author Commented:
Thanks a lot
Peter HartCommented:
without looking in to the detail it sounds like the CSS file is not being picked up.
are the paths to the css file ok
can you use Firebug  or Chrome (right click inspect element) to see if the CSS is being found?
smaids123Author Commented:
yes, i have checked the source code and the css file path is fine.
for some reason i cannot get the bootstrap css to work correctly
Peter HartCommented:
do you have a link to it?
I can't install it on my joomla 2.5 as it fails and I don't have a 3 version up at the moment
Peter HartCommented:
if you compare your index.php with any of the sample index.php's in the other templates.  you haven't set up any of the Joomla variables for the paths or added the style sheets to the Joomla system?

Unfortunately your template is not working with Joomla.
I can't install it and seems missing a lot of things comparing to default template.

I suggest you to buy a template from Themeforest or use Joostrap template

This way it will easier for you to adapt it to your need, you will have a working template

If you want to use your actual template you will need to hire someone because there is too much job to do to make it work with Joomla.

Good Luck

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Peter HartCommented:
here is a great link to show you what you need  to change in your files when creating a Joomla Template using Bootstrap:

such as code like:

$doc = JFactory::getDocument();
$doc->addStyleSheet($this->baseurl . '/media/jui/css/bootstrap.min.css');
$doc->addStyleSheet($this->baseurl . '/media/jui/css/bootstrap-responsive.css');

to set up the style sheets
smaids123Author Commented:
To lenamtl

Thanks for the link, the templates on this site are fantastic.

Thank you.
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