Zabbix 2.2.1 Proxy - monitoring VMware ESX5.1+


We are using Zabbix 2.2.1 at our head office to monitor different appliances and servers.
Most important thing is VMware ESXi 5.1

We want to deploy Zabbix 2.2.1 Proxies at clients.
We are facing an issue where our proxy doesn't pull data from VMware ESXi5.1.

The Zabbix server successfully monitor the VMware hosts but the proxy doesn't this is a big show stopper for us.

Anyone had success using Zabbix 2.2.1 Proxy to monitor VMware ESXi 5.1??

Thanks in advance,
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bmdgiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved it myself, mysql database name in the proxy.conf was wrong.
Did you configure SNMP on your esxi hosts and Zabbix server?
bmdgiAuthor Commented:
found it my self
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