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split .NET solution into sub projects

I have a .NET solution.   It contain many WEB pages, which are logically grouped into applications.   When developing, I currently load/open the solution, and it's getting slow, because  it's loading all the intelli-sense data, etc..  I was thinking that I could create mini-solutions or sub-solutions that reference just those files that are needed for an application.   Has anyone ever done anything like this?  if yes, any drawbacks, pitfalls that I should be aware of?
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you can always create DLL's and then just reference them
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I do use DLL's as well, but that's a runtime thing.  I'm trying to avoid all the overhead of Visual Studio when opening a large solution.    Say I have 200 WEB pages in my solution.  But for any logical application I only use 15 pages.  I only need to load those pages plus any common source code.
I don't think for 200 pages it will slow down your experience. I have never had to split solutions due to number of pages. Can you provide your hardware spec?

On splitting in to sub solutions if you are sure that these pages are not related to each other OR you can manage them using multiple solutions then I don't see a challenge except one: manageability. It will be difficult to manage them if there are changes in more than 3-4(this number may vary based on your style and preferences - I get annoyed if I have to do lot of switching between solutions.)

What I generally do is I create sub projects and then unload these projects when I don't need to use them. So Instead of creating solutions you can split these pages in to different projects and then unload a given project if you don't need to work on it.
What I am seeing is a long delay - up to a minute - when I load my solution. I get that message that says VS is working in the background, and updating intellisense.

I have Windows 7, SP1, 64 Bit.  HP Compaq 600 Pro MT PC.  Intel Core Duo  E7500 @ 2.93 GHz.   14 GB memory.
Also, whats the best / easiest way to split it up into projects?  Right now I have this one large solution with around 200 pages.   but logically, I have 6 applications.   And I would like to have 1 "project" for each application, so that only those pages/files get loaded by VS.
Simple Add 6 projects in your solution and then add relevant pages and necessary folders to each project and you are good to go.

I think Intel Core Duo could be the problem. 14GB RAM is more than enough? or is it 4GB RAM? also which version of VS you are using?
14GB ram.   VS 2010.

So, If I have 6 projects, I can open each project individually and run it.  

But what about common files?  Could these be added into each project as a link?
Of course yes. Or you could created a 7th project and name it as common and keep all the common files in it.
ah, good thought.    So, since I already have one large solution, its just a tedious matter, a brute force approach to break it up, correct?
How about as far as references?   is there a way to easily copy the references from one project another, without having to manually add them all one by one?
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