VBA Color Code Pie Slices

Could someone help me update this code need to account for if there is no Reason Code would like the slice of the pie to be Black (using index color (1)).

'Sub ColorPieSlices()
Dim NumPoints As Long, x As Long
Dim SavePtLabel As String, ThisPt As String
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim tbReasonCodes As Range
Dim Colors As Variant, Labels As Variant, v As Variant
Dim pt As Point

On Error Resume Next
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
    Set tbReasonCodes = ws.ListObjects("tbReasonCodes").DataBodyRange
    If Not tbReasonCodes Is Nothing Then Exit For
On Error GoTo 0
If tbReasonCodes Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Couldn't find table for reason codes", vbOKOnly
    Exit Sub
End If

'Labels = tbReasonCodes.Columns(2).Value
Labels = tbReasonCodes.Columns(3).Value
Colors = tbReasonCodes.Columns(4).Value
For Each cht In Sheets("Valiram").ChartObjects

    NumPoints = cht.Chart.SeriesCollection(1).Points.Count
    For x = 1 To NumPoints
        Set pt = cht.Chart.SeriesCollection(1).Points(x)
        SavePtLabel = ""
        If pt.HasDataLabel = True Then SavePtLabel = pt.DataLabel.Text
        pt.ApplyDataLabels Type:=xlDataLabelsShowLabel, AutoText:=True, HasLeaderLines:=False
        ThisPt = pt.DataLabel.Text
        Set v = Nothing
        On Error Resume Next
        v = Application.Match(ThisPt, Labels, 0)
        On Error GoTo 0
        If Not IsError(v) Then
            pt.Interior.ColorIndex = Colors(v, 1)
        End If
        pt.DataLabel.Text = SavePtLabel
    Next x

End Sub

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I added the color index to the table that I am referencing but the slices are are different colors between the 3 charts.
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What do you mean by
 if there is no Reason Code  ?
If value = 0 ?

Simon BallChief information OfficerCommented:
The code seems to pivk up reason code and colour integer from tbReasonCodes

You can add a row to the table but what will you use to define the "No reason" as a code?

Is it an existing code...?  if not, we'll need to add a further if between lines 37 and 39....

If Not IsError(v) Then
            pt.Interior.ColorIndex = Colors(v, 1)
pt.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
End If

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Might work.  might not... not sure about your data... can you post the contents of the tbReason table?
@Simon Bal
I had tried this in the code prior to my comment but as it did not give any significant change I responded as above.

I already worked extensively on previous question for this same workbook and fear that the issue is not clear and need to be clarified.

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jmac001Author Commented:
The value for the cell can be either blank or 0 it will depend on which worksheet the data is being pulled from when creating the pie chart.  If you look at the Complete tab you will see that the Reason Code Value in some instances is  0 and if you look at the Budget worksheet the Reason Code cell is blank.    

The Reason Code tab has the table with the color index that is used in the VBA.
Hi Jmac001,

Is this what your looking for ? Activate macro CreatePie and check the results.

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jmac001Author Commented:
Exactly, what I was looking. Thank you.
Great !!! at least we hit in on this one.
Happy New year to you and all the best for 2014.

I would like you to (if you want) repost a question on the 3 graphs that I was not able to work in the past as to top6 and top3 will be glad to assist.

jmac001Author Commented:
Thank you and Happy New Years  to you as well.  I will be reposting the Top 6 Top 3 just wanted to make sure that there were no changes prior to posting.

Thanks again.
ok pls put a link of the new question here.
Any news on your new question ?
jmac001Author Commented:
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