Srv core or Minimal Srv interface


A bit confused,
If I install Srv 2012 full version and then want to water it down to Srv core I need to unistall under Srv manager / featuers / graphical management tool and infrastructure plus server graphical server shell.
Now my question is this
According to MS book that I'm reading that will put it in what they call Minimal Server Interface, but I'm assuming that, that is the same thing as saying that I converted over to Server code?

I'm I correct or I'm I way of.
If I'm of can someone plz explain it to me.
Thanks. ..
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Typo. You forgot the dash in install-windowsfeature
Brad HeldCommented:
No not exactly - minimal interface still gives you access to the mmc's, but not much more - core is command line only.

Its the halfway point between a full desktop with IE and core
noadAuthor Commented:
I went ahead and un-installed the graphical management tool and infrastructure plus server graphical server shell. After the reboot all that I got was the DOS prompt. How do I get to the GUI MMC?
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Brad HeldCommented:
In minimal interface you have to have the Server Gui Management infrastructure installed.
Run the following command:
Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra -Restart

There is a table towards the bottom (Reference Table) that gives you all the features that are available between the different modes.
noadAuthor Commented:
Thanks will try it...

See the book dose not even hit about that...
noadAuthor Commented:
Just to make sure, I run that from the dos prompt after it converts, correct?
Brad HeldCommented:
If you are still in full mode just don't uninstall the server GUI management piece. Or if your in core mode then run the install-windowsfeature command to reinstall it.
noadAuthor Commented:
Right now I'm in full mode, I want to go ahead and put it in Minimal Srv Interface.
So just to make sure, once I switch it over to MSI and I reboot I'll get the DOS prompt whole in the DOS prompt then I go ahead and type in the command from within the DOS prompt.
Sorry for the questions over and over just trying to get it right before I move on in the book.
noadAuthor Commented:

I went ahead and did as you suggested, but got this instead...
Any idea what I did wrong?

noadAuthor Commented:
You are so correct....
I had already figured out and was able to install and uninstall.
I completely  forgot about the question I had posted here.
Thank you for your reply
Please change the point rewarding (or ask a mod to do so). I did not contribute much indeed ;)
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