I need help writing to a file in my VB6 application

Posted on 2013-12-24
Last Modified: 2014-01-08
Hi Experts,
I tried the code below to create and write to a file in my VB6 application, but I keep getting the following error whenever the file tries to open: "File already open"

Dim strTest As String 

Open "c:\sample.txt" For Output As #1 
strTest = "This is a test" 
Print #1, strTest

Close #1 

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How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance,
Question by:mainrotor
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by:Jesus Rodriguez
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You got the file open by another application as word or Notepad??
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by:Martin Liss
ID: 39738287
Put a line that just says Close after line 1.

Dim strTest As String 
On Error GoTo ErrorRoutine
Open "c:\sample.txt" For Output As #1 
strTest = "This is a test" 
Print #1, strTest
Close #1
Exit Sub
Close #1

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by:Jesus Rodriguez
ID: 39738290
Look at this code
Option Explicit
'Set a reference to "Microsoft Scripting Runtime"
Private Sub Command1_Click()
  'declare and initiate required objects
    Dim fs As FileSystemObject
    Dim ts As TextStream
    Set fs = New FileSystemObject
       'To write
    Set ts = fs.OpenTextFile("C:\mytestfile.txt", ForWriting, True)
    ts.WriteLine "I Love"
    ts.WriteLine "VB Forums"
      'To Read
    If fs.FileExists("C:\mytestfile.txt") Then
        Set ts = fs.OpenTextFile("C:\mytestfile.txt")
        Do While Not ts.AtEndOfStream
            MsgBox ts.ReadLine
    End If

      'clear memory used by FSO objects
    Set ts = Nothing
    Set fs = Nothing
 End Sub

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If you are running on Win 7 or 8, you may have problems writing a file to C:\.  Have you tried creating a folder and writing there?

Accepted Solution

DiscGolfDad earned 500 total points
ID: 39739352
Dim strTest As String 
Dim intFileCh As Integer

intFileCh = Freefile
Open "c:\sample.txt" For Output As intFileCh
strTest = "This is a test" 
Print #intFileCh, strTest

Close intFileCh

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The message indicates that a prior invocation of the code did not succeed.  It should probably be fixed with a reboot.

As already mentioned, you are likely to get push-back from the security system if you try an write to the root directory of the C: drive.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 39765900
The following code fixed the problem,

intFileCh = Freefile

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