External Citrix Access giving the Protocoll Driver Error

Running environment we had power outage and everything came back up except for external access for remote users.

Internal citrix works fine. Working with Web Interface 5.4.

What services need to be running on the WI?
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Manjunath SulladConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
You must increase the time for the Access Gateway to verify the STA ticket using the following procedure:
1. Increase the ticket timeout value in the web.config file on the Advanced Access Control server. The path to the file is:

2. Find lines 104-106 in the web.config file. The default setting for the CGP ticket time is 15 seconds (shown below):

<add key="TicketProfile_SGC_HTTP" value="MULTIUSE,15,1200,true,true" />
<add key="TicketProfile_ICA_CGP" value="REVOLVING,15,600,true,true" />
<add key="TicketProfile_ICA_CGP" value="REVOLVING,15,600,true,true" />
3. Increase the expiration time from 15 to 85 or to something a bit more suitable for your particular environment. For example:

<add key="TicketProfile_SGC_HTTP" value="MULTIUSE,85,1200,true,true" />
<add key="TicketProfile_ICA_CGP" value="REVOLVING,85,600,true,true" />
<add key="TicketProfile_ICA_CGP" value="REVOLVING,85,600,true,true" />
4. Save the web.config file and restart the Advanced Access Control services using the service configuration.

Refer below Citrix suggestions : http://support.citrix.com/article/ctx111064
Dirk KotteSECommented:
good hints by manjusullad ...

if you use Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG) check if no other service is using port 443.
especially if SCG and IIS running at the same server.
often admins use the IIS to create the request for the certificate used by the CSG.
This enables SSl for the IIS default webpage and bind port 443 to the IIS.
... mostly without notice, because the CSG is running this time and all works fine if the new cert is imported and used by the CSG.
But if the server restarts the IIS often starts faster than the CSG service ... the result: you see the app-icons (IIS:Port443 TCP) but are unable to start the session (no CSG:port443 TCP).
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
Check your STA servers.
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