How can I set up a printer on and XP machine that is visible over my MS network from a W7 PC?

I have an old Toshiba printer attached to a Windows XP machine. This is on a Windows network with a router which also connects my Windows 7 PCs.
I have finally managed to install a driver for the printer on a W7 PC, as I understand that the correct driver has to be installed on the client when accessing the PC with the printer.
The printer is shared on XP.
It is not configured to be seen on the network.
On the W7 PC I see a printer of the right type but this would be a direct connected one which doesn't exist. I think this shows the driver is installed on the W7.
I don't think I have to add another driver for W7 on the XP machine, and I couldn't anyway I am sure.
Thank you for any help
Mike Gunner
Michael GunnerDirectorAsked:
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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
There is a problem sharing printers between Windows XP and Windows 7.  It seems that the printer name buried in the .inf files are different.  So, when you go to install the shared printer, the local driver doesn't recognize that the same printer is actually there.

One solution is to edit the .inf file printer name so they match exactly.

I would research this issue a bit before proceeding.  But, it's not a very difficult thing to do.
James HConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
Go into the xp printer properties and share the printer.
Fom there you can then add this printer to your win7 PC.
Michael GunnerDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I have shared it. I forgot I had to add it as a printer on the W7 PC. It then asks me for a driver and I selected the one which I had previously installed but it doesn't accept it. Should I be selecting the W7 driver and not an XP one?
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James HIT DirectorCommented:
Yes you have to. Xp driver will not work.
Michael GunnerDirectorAuthor Commented:
I had selected the W7 driver but will try it again. Thank you.
MiftaulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download the win7 driver from the Toshiba support site and extract it.
Share the printer on xp.
In windows7, browse to print share and right click and install. When asked for driver, just show the path to the downladed and extracted driver.
Michael GunnerDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you. It seems that it is not the right driver. I will take this up later.
According to Toshiba it should be. But there is a note about a possible firmware upgrade being necessary.
Here is where I found the driver:
This is the link I used:   (PS3)
This downloads a folder :   GA1192_WIN_64_PS_4.8.67.2
This installation file is eS2pp6

It says on the web page:
The Print controller may require a firmware upgrade to be compatible with these drivers.
Please contact your nearest dealer or direct branch for support. To check firmware version click here

There is no link set on click here.
It looks to me as if I need this firmware upgrade, but I am about to give up, it's getting too deep. I can print using remote access but it's fiddly. Unless you have further suggestions. Thank you.
Please tell your printer name and the windows 7 version, 32 or 64.
Michael GunnerDirectorAuthor Commented:
Windows 7 64bit
Printer is Toshiba e-STUDIO 163
I tried a long time ago to find a driver for win7 and couldn't. So I believe a universal driver is needed. I thought I had found the right thing when I installed a printer like this on Win 7 using the driver I found now ie  eS2pp6
But doing it over the network and with the real printer (on the XP PC)  it doesn't install.
Thank you
Michael GunnerDirectorAuthor Commented:
The last comment seems to explain the problem.  The comments have served to confirm to me how it should work but so far it does not. I will try looking at the .inf files. Sorry for the delay..
Michael GunnerDirectorAuthor Commented:
I am sorry I left this for a while after all this help. I will try again when other things aren't in the way. I am making do with copying files to the XP PC and printing using remote access. I don't find it easy to find these drivers.
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