Server 2012 Essentials Migration no option for migration mode

I am trying to deploy a new Dell PowerEdge server with 2012 Essentials to replace an existing white box server running Server 2003 SBS.  I have run through the preparation on the SBS 2003 box, and am ready to install the 2012 Essentials OS on the new server.  According to the migration guide in TechNet, After I choose to INSTALL the 2012 Essentials OS I should get a screen asking me if I want to do a CLEAN INSTALL or SERVER MIGRATION.  I never get this screen.  After I choose to INSTALL, it just begins installing the OS.  After a few minutes and a few reboots, it's asking me to set a password for the local admin and run the 2012 setup, specifying the details for a new domain.  

Please help!
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Here is a Microsoft document outlining that migration process.
ccptechsAuthor Commented:
I am following that document, but if you'll note the text within, it states that I should get a screen asking me to select between a clean install or a migration.  I don't get this screen, and now it's asking me to setup a new domain.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Just to be very clear, you've run the migration prep tool on the soirce server AMD you are trying to install 2012, NOT 2012 R2.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
If you already tried installing it and created a partition or installed server, I'd reformat the drives and start over. It may be looking at an install you already went though and is using the same installation method.

Also, make sure the server is plugged into the same switch as the sbs2003 box and make sure you are not using a trial version of 2012.
ccptechsAuthor Commented:
Is migration not supported for 2012 R2?  I'll double check everything.
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Migrations are supported, but the process is VERY different. Almost nothing in the 2012 guide is applicable. You should follow the 2012 R2 guide if you are indeed installing 2012 R2.

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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Just to add to the previous comment - documentation for 2012 R2

Migrate from Previous Versions to Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

and yes, it states you can do 2003 SBS to 2012 R2 Essentials
ccptechsAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much, It is R2, so i'll be following your recommendation and using the link to the R2 guide provided.  Take Care!
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