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NETWORK PRINTING with 2 Netgear Routers

Hi all -
I have wired ethernet throughout my house, along 2 Netgear Routers for Wifi ... Upstairs & Downstairs, setup with 2 Network Names (Netwk-up and Netwk-down).  

I can connect wirelessly to my network thru either Router/WiFI ... whichever signal is stronger/closer, and I can access everything on my network them EXACTLY same (thru Netwk-up or Netwk-down) EXCEPT THE NETWORK PRINTERS !!  
In order to print to my Upstairs Printer, I MUST be on WiFi named Netwk-up, and likewise, in order to print to the printer downstairs, I need to switch to WiFi Netwk-down.

NOW I UNDERSTAND THAT I CAN SETUP THE ROUTERS DIFFERENTLY TO USE 1 NETWK NAME!! BUT what I don't understand is with the setup I have, WHY the Network Printers seem to be isolated to their 1 Netwk name where they were originally setup on.

Hope this makes sense ... Does anybody have a solution for this?
3 Solutions
When you say, "I can access everything on my network them EXACTLY same," what do you mean? What resources are you reaching from Upstairs that are on the Downstairs network, or vice-versa? Are you really saying that you can reach the Internet from either place?

Can you submit some sort of diagram as to how everything is connected?

I'm betting that this is some sort of routing issue, possibly involving NAT, but it would be helpful to understand what we're actually talking about.
Can you Ping from one network to a printer on the other network.  What is the IP setup of each network.
My guess is that the networks are on two different subnets.

When you say, "I can access everything on my network them EXACTLY same", what exactly are you accessing? Shared files? Internet? If it's Internet, those don't matter which network you access the Internet from. However, it does matter with printers.

Are the printers shared on the network?

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