reinstall active directory remotely ?

hi experts
we have a 2003 remote domain controller that is showing "directory services cannot start" error 0xc00002e1. We are not able to load windows normally. We can remotely access it if someone on site selects safe mode. I have gone through ms kb article 258062 and I am at the point where the ms kb is recommending to reinstall AD. Problem is this server is a 7 hour drive and I want to do this remotely. Any suggestions, guides or recommendations before I run dcpromo ?
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Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
We can remotely access it if someone on site selects safe mode.
Does this mean that you do have a resource onsite?

It should be easy to do the necessary then.
Since you cannot remote to the server directly you won't be able to do everything yourself.

You will have to give the person at the remote site a domain admin account in order to do the necessary.

From your side you'll need to do the Meta data cleanup - this is needed to remove all references of the remote DC from AD.

From his side, he'd have to boot into safe mode and then run:
DCPROMO /forceremoval

After the server has been rebooted he'd have to run DCPROMO again on that DC and re-enter the domain admin account credentials.

Once the replication has completed you can should then change the password on the domain admin account if necessary.
Brad HeldCommented:
So I will assume that there is no system state backup of this server?

When you say safe mode, is that directory services restore mode? I have seen issues where antivirus interferes with lsass, so that may be something to disable before you rebuild.

If I was going down the path of getting the DC happy again, I would perform a metadata cleanup, and a complete wipe and reload of the server, unless you do have a system state backup then I would just reload and restore from backup.

Other than the reboots there should not be a reason that the dcpromo wouldn't work from RDP, its getting it to a state where you can run dcpromo that is going to suck. Does this server have an HP iLo or Dell iDrac card in it?
WAMSINCAuthor Commented:
thanks for the replies guys, Im driving up there saturday with a new server. We are just going to go ahead and do an in place upgrade and refresh the hardware and upgrade from 2k3 to 2k8 while we're at. To answer the question I thought I had a system state back up via DPM but that failed to recover. Because they need to be open for business Friday and Saturday we are just going to let it ride until the weekend. Big problem with not having a tested DR solution.
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