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Alfresco and Visio - Can't open Visio 2010diagram in Browser

When I attempt to look at a Visio diagram in Alfresco, I get a gray screen and am not able to see the preview.  (See graphic)
I'm using:
- IE9 on Windows 7.
- Alfresco 4.1.7
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Do you have permission to read the visio file?
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Yup.  Sure do.  I created it.
 I am also classified as a collaborator in Alfresco.
I assume the Visio viewer is installed? Assuming that it is, can you view .vsd files correctly if they are NOT stored in Alfresco?

If you can view files without Alfresco, it sounds to me like a file association problem within Alfresco, i.e., Alfresco launches just IE but not  the Visio Viewer when you ask to view the .vsd file.

Having said that, I just looked back at the image you supplied -- it does look like the Viewer is there, just not the image so I'm not really sure. But let me know whether you can view the file correctly if it's not stored in Alfresco.
Thanks Scott.  You have me some places to look for answers.
Does Alfresco use Flash? Shockwave?
I'm not familiar with Alresco -- I had to look it up on the web to find out what it was when I first read your question -- so I can't answer whether it uses Flash, Shockwave, or any other add-ins.

It sounds like Alfresco is primarily a document/content management system, in which case it's probably not involved in rendering the vsd, only in storing the vsd and then invoking the software to render the file. If so, that would make the Flash, Shockwave, et. al., question moot. That's one theory, anyway...

The other possibility is that it does get involved in rendering some document types and that's where the breakdown in occurring.
I updated Java, shockwave and tried IE9 and Chrome 31.0.
Still not rendering images.
I'll try a few other things.
Thanks for the update. Have you tried viewing a document that is not stored in Alfresco? I'm still curious to know whether that works.
I'd like to try viewing the VSD files in a browser.  However, when I open them Visio fires up.
How can I FORCE the browser plug in to activate?  Or does the plug in not work that way?
Alfresco does preview Word and Excel files.  I just tried both file types and they worked in both IE9 and Chrome 31.0.
This is a known issue with Alfresco.  We have a service call with them on this matter.
Thanks for the update.
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This solution was in uncharted waters.  No one had experience in Alfresco or had experienced the problems I had.