win 8 tablet - working remotely, what are the options when you want to be able to access lots of data

Most of this is new territory for me so I'd like to post this to ask if this user is expecting too much or how to accommodate him.

He has a Samsung Win 8 tablet with full keyboard attached. It has 2 GB RAM, runs an Atom z2760 1.8GHz processor and has 50GB storage and an 64GB SD card installed.

He want to use this exclusively for his work as a consultant at a large firm and for personal use.  

Some of the issues:

The key issue is that his hard drive is maxed out

He has an OST of 12GB. We disabled cached mode with exchange from the firm's Exchange email for him and manually deleted the OST. I understand the general concept of cached mode, but will that lose contacts and calendar when he has no internet? And with no caching, does it keep the headers and retrieves the entire email once it is clicked? For all email in all folders?

He has about 70GB of data on dropbox but using selective sync has whittled that down to fit on the hard drive. The folders that aren't synced can only be accessed via the dropbox website at that point, right?

We wanted to put the dropbox folder on the 65GB SD card, but it wouldn't permit that since it's a removable drive. Is there a work around for that?

What are people's views on shrinking the winsxs folder?  that has about 7GB of data

Basically, he just wants to be able to access lots of files, more than what would fit on the 50GB drive, both when he has internet access and when he doesn't and he wants it backed up or available on other machines. If a file is not in the dropbox folder, the process to download it from the dropbox website, edit it and send it back to the dropbox server is not like browsing a share, right?

It would seem he needs to be able to browse a remote share? But is there a work around when he doesn't have internet access?  Can these win 8 tablets get a larger hard drive? Is that the answer? Or is trying to do all this on an atom full time not feasible?

thank you
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Jackie ManCommented:
My wild guess is that the consultant will not prefer to reducing footprints of storage usage.

First, there are win 8 tablets with larger local storage, say 128gb.

Second, you can mount the 64gb SD card as a local drive in Win 8.

But, the consultant has a 70GB of data on dropbox, you need to buy a 128gb SD card. SD card is cheap today and 128gb one does not cost much.

Third, 7gb for winsxs folder is of typical size. It is better not to do anything to reduce its size.

Finally, browsing a remote share in offline mode will require at least Win 8 Pro to work with, i.e. the OS of the tablet has to be upgraded to Win 8 Pro.

In short, if budget is not a problem, problems can be solved.
Brad HeldCommented:
So it seems like the biggest issue is really hard drive space, So unless he either finds a way to reduce that data footprint this tablet will make his life hell.

An option that may be suitable for him would be to create a pst file and move a big chunk of his emails there and store the on a USB3 drive. The issue with that would be he would be responsible for his own data backup. There is an exchange option depending on the version of exchange to create an archive mailbox that archive messages after a given time. If he could keep his mailbox to say 1 GB then that would free up 11GB right there and could still have access to the OAB and his email when not connected to the internet.

The dropbox will also work better stored on the USB drive. If the tablet does not have a usb port, may end up having to go with a beefier laptop with a bigger drive.

I am not sure I would mess with the sxs directory
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
"browsing a remote share in offline mode"

besides win 8 pro, that requires the space to store it locally, right?  Back to 1st base. that's the issue of not having enough space for all the data.

Yes!  Throw money at a problem usually can solve it : )
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