itunes cloud?

I'm helping a friend. He says he has lots of music - too much to fit on his laptop or phone. He says there's iTunes cloud version now and wants to know how to get music up there.

Anyone know what he's talking about?
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Here is the Apple page describing the service.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
I've heard of icloud.  you get 5GB free.  you can buy more, right? The music you buy from iTunes doesn't count towards the 5GB or however much you are paying for?  You can upload your own music to them and then listen to it when you have internet access? I don't see that described on that page.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Apple will probably only allow you to store music in iCloud that you purchase from them....

Read the fine print in the terms and conditions.
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"Apple will probably only allow you to store music in iCloud that you purchase from them...."

Not true.  It costs $25/year, but you can store music in iCloud no matter where it came from.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
'store music in icloud'.  Does that mean they can stream from that web storage? Or it keeps it there to be download the entire library to a device before playing?  If you don't have much space on your device, is keeping gigs of music in the cloud and listening to it from the cloud going to work / help the minimal local storage issue?
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
it streams.  after you know it is in "the cloud" as well, you can delete it from your local machine even and stream there after.  I just download the music I like the most for when i'm "disconnected" and when i'm "connected" i get access to everything.  Personally I love it because it doesn't matter which computer I put the music into my library.  it uploads and it and i have access from all iTunes devices.  you can delete everything actually and just stream if you want.  keep in mind though, you may have some tracks that just won't sync.  I have some but haven't looked into why yet.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
oh!  once the music is in icloud, then it will stream!  and songs you bought will stream too I guess?  from where? in the iTunes app under radio?
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
radio is different but if you buy iTunes match it removes advertisements when you play iTunes radio.  yes, any song purchased or uploaded can be streamed.  you can see a cloud with a down arrow by a song that can be streamed but is not on your device.  if you click that icon it will download it making it available when no internet access is available, but if you have the internet link, then you play the songs just like if they were on your device.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Cyclops don't mean to split hairs - you said

click that icon it will download it making it available when no internet access is available, but if you have the internet link, then you play the songs just like if they were on your device.  Is it doing both?  Playing it and downloading it also?  So over time you are downloading all that's up in the cloud / filling up your hard drive?
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
ok, sorry for the confusion.  no, when its in the cloud, you are streaming.  what I was trying to say was that you don't do anything different to play the music.  you interact with your device just like if the music was already downloaded.  you just have to have an internet connection.  it doesn't do any permanent downloading of any played song.

however, if you want to play the song when you have no internet connection then you will have to download the song.  any song in the cloud but not downloaded will still show but you won't be able to play it.  You can tell the difference because songs on the device have no cloud icon by them.  if it has a cloud with a down arrow icon, then it is in the cloud ready to be downloaded or streamed.

does that make sense?
What's really going on is this (to paint perhaps a clearer picture):

Apple already has a copy of each of the songs they sell through iTunes.

When you use Match, Apple sees that you have a particular song, and so you are now entitled to stream it from them.  You are not "storing" that song in the cloud; it's already there in Apple's collection.  You're just telling Apple that, because you own it, you're entitled to stream it whenever you want to, or to download it to your hard drive whenever you want to.  That's why you're not be charged to store songs that Apple already has (i.e., that are available through iTunes).... because Apple is not storing a separate copy of that song for each person who owns it, taking up jillions of gigabytes of space on their servers.  Rather, they have ONE copy, and you are streaming (or downloading) that, and so is everyone else who "owns" that song.   In other words, since you and a million other people have Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album in their collections, it doesn't make sense for Apple to store a million copies of the same album...they have one copy (or perhaps a few copies mirrored on different servers for redundancy), and everyone who has "put it in the cloud" is actually accessing the same copy.

When you upload songs that you did NOT buy from iTunes, Apple is maintaining a separate copy for you, which is why you pay for that, to cover the storage.  Except that when Apple "recognizes" the song (that is, you didn't buy it from them, but it's offered by iTunes), they'll still charge you for the "storage," but you'll actually be streaming their copy, not yours.

And so sometimes Match makes mistakes:  You might have an alternate version of a particular song, perhaps a live version, or a remixed version, or one that you have tweaked yourself somehow... Match will not see that it's different from the "standard" version, and once you've "put it in the cloud," when you play it back you'll get the standard version instead.

Whenever you have an internet connection, you can stream whatever you've told them you have.  When you don't have an internet connection, you can only play what's on your local hard drive.   Anytime you want, you can download songs to your hard drive, but streaming only plays them, it doesn't simultaneously download them.

Hope that helps.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
OK, work with me if you don't mind : )

I created a new iTunes account on a lab machine (no music installed).  I bought a free song and it immediately downloaded it to this machine.

is it in icloud also now? and available for streaming from OTHER machines? can I delete the file from this machine to see the streaming feature? can you give me some tips / the process to see the cloud icon for that song / see that I can stream?

Taht's with bought songs.  To get my songs into the cloud - do I have to test by signing up for that $25 service?
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
ok, in iTunes, I went into store, turn on match and got the page asking if I want to pay $24.99.  that cost is only for me to deal with songs not purchased through iTunes, right?

The idea of matching what they already have vs. 'yeah, we never heard that song before' and they upload it.   Do I know which ones they matched vs. which they uploaded? do I care? performance wise it'll be the same?

If I record lectures at school, match certainly won't have that - it'll upload all of my personal audio files?  or what's it consider music : )  ?   a 2 hour lecture gets backed up in the cloud for 24.99 / year along with real songs too?

Looking at the sign up page, it talks about 25K song limit, your iTunes purchase are unlimited if available in the iTunes store.  (so if they stop selling a song you bought from them, then that will count towards your 25K song limit?

Anyway, to get match working, you have to have iTunes set up on 1 machine with all the songs you want to match / upload?  vs. some songs on this machine / some songs on another?
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
match is to upload your songs to iCloud.  purchased are already there.  once you have match purchased and enabled.  you can upload songs from any computer you have turned it on in iTunes.  there is no need to have one machine have all songs and upload only from there.  I have a couple macs and have ripped CDs on both, uploading from both and then downloading what I want that was ripped on the other computer.

a recorded lecture I don't believe would get put into iCloud as part of match.  i believe it must match something in the meta data to be deemed music.

i don't know about the limit.  you may need to just go to iTunes match page to read about all the in's and out's of it.  however iTunes match is what your friend is talking about.

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Yes, the song you downloaded from the iTunes store is in iCloud, and available for streaming from other machines that are logged in to that same account.

Yes, the $25.00 is to match/store songs other than ones you bought from iTunes.  If you only want to store your iTunes purchases in iCloud, it doesn't cost anything.

I suppose another way to think about it is that the price of a song from iTunes includes free iCloud storage of that song.

If you delete it from the lab machine, you'll be able to stream it.

You can upload some songs to Match from one machine and other songs from another; it doesn't care, and will put them in the same library as long as you're logged into iTunes with the same ID.

If you load a lecture into iTunes, and give it a name in the iTunes library, it will get uploaded along with everything else, if you've paid the $25.00, and will count as one of your 25K items.

If Apple stops making a particular song available, then it will disappear from iCloud even though you've paid for it.  So it's best to keep a backup, somewhere, of EVERYTHING you've purchased from iTunes and EVERYTHING you've ripped and then sent up to iCloud.  I wouldn't want to rely on iCloud as the sole copy of my music collection.  

In other words, iCloud is a CONVENIENCE, not a backup solution.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
I'm trying it now, but how would you say to do this so you still have it:

If you delete it from the lab machine, you'll be able to stream it.

I went into the library on that test machine.  I right clicked and deleted it from the music page.  Then I went into playlists and there it was : )  it had the cloud with arrow. I clicked on the file and it started playing and I saw the download button : )

So I want to 'buy' a bunch of free songs to play with this feature. In the store under music, there's a 'free on iTunes' link. I click on that and there's only 1 song for free?  Sound right?

Right, I only see the Christina Perri song for free.
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