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Uninstall IE9,IE10,IE11 through Group Policy

A simple requirement I have to downgrade all the domain computers to be downgraded to IE8 as most of the govt. websites are not compatible with higher IE version.

Please don't give me the links from google, I'd rather wait for experts personal experience regarding this issue.
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Yes there are Group Policy entries that will prohibit specified applications from running. You can disable IEXPLORE for specific logon groups. However if they can login to the local machine ‘Group Policy’ won’t work.

If you disable IE and they install another browser they still have ‘Internet’ access.

A better solution is gateway/firewall rules. Put the restricted employees on one subnet and block ports 80 and 443. The other employees still have access and the restricted employees can only get internal web pages.
Hi Ibrahim,

I believe you have to decide on this like for me I was facing issue on IE 11 on Ex2010 sp2 rollup 6 where my OWA page is doing unexpected behavior but after upgrading Sp3 it is working fine  .

So recommendation always is go for upgrade rather than downgrade. If you are facing any issue then you have look solution . Here you are doing downgrade basically this is not a solution its a workaround.
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I am only looking for a way to save a lot of time by not going to each and every computer and then doing the downgrade till IE8 and simply pushing the script or group policy through GPO.

Actually I have already import the template of Block Toolkit and it works only if the PC already has been downgraded till IE8 but unfortunately I am too late to import the template because most of the computers already have IE11 installed.
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You don't need to uninstall the higher versions of IE.
You need to setup IE to use compatibility mode so that the .govt sites displays in a IE 8 mode.

See discussion from other forum

More info on compatibility view and GPO:
Group Policy and Internet Explorer 8

Group Policies in Internet Explorer 9
Honestly, I know about the compatibility mode for a long time already but for a normal user or inexperienced guy sitting in front of Windows 7. That person panics and make me run to his computer out of 40 PCs of network over here, just to have him the downgraded version of IE8.
Or is it possible to set the GPO for Compatibility view should be ie8 by default. No matter if its IE 11 or any higher version ?
I used "Turn on Compatibility View for all websites, using Group Policy" out of that link you gave me. Ill update you once the gpo applies properly and achieve what i am looking for. Thanks a load.
Good luck
dstewartjr. Is there anyway to test the compatibility by going to some website  to confirm if the settings are applied to all the domain PC as I have already applied the gp.
I am asking you because I don't see any BROWSER MODE in IE11
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Thanks dstewartjr, I checked on machine but it is still EDGE (Default)
I just need every computer to be forced changed to IE8 or IE7 mode through group policy and any other GPO works fine because I keep making changes now & then, so there is no problem with Group policy applying to the computers.
I checked it personally today by going to one of the computer and browsing the intranet website which needs IE to be on IE8 mode and it works smooth but for that I have to keep F12 developer tools pane open otherwise it jumps back to EDGE(DEFAULT)
I have also posted the same question to Microsoft forums meanwhile because I need this to be solved really urgent.

It is clearly mentioned that

 Internet Explorer 11 no longer supports these Group Policy settings:

    Turn on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode

    Turn off Compatibility View button

    Turn off Quick Tabs functionality

    Turn off the quick pick menu

    Use large icons for command buttons
What if I host an additional domain controller of Windows Server 2012 on any virtual machine ?
The Group policies of server 2012 as an additional domain controller would apply for IE11 for all the users ?
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but if it is really possible to apply the group policy through 2012, i am asking because sooner or later I am looking forward to upgrade with 2012 replacing 2008 but again meanwhile was thinking if I could keep it as additional domain controller and also apply policies for OS like Windows 8 and 8.1
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Windows Server 2012 already has this group policy template added so you should be fine with Server 2012.
I think it is mentioned in the download link I posted above.

Just remember, when you do go with 2012 they you need to run the Group Policy manager on Server 2012 in order to get all the templates available...don't just do it from your workstation.
It took time but it worked.