Need plan on how to arrange mp3 files on Android cell

I have 3000 mp3 files. They are on my desktop and duplicated on my HTC Rezound android phone. I show a GENERALIZED plan for what I wish to have in the file included. If I want to play all songs by a particular artist I want to go to that folder and play any of the songs and if I do not specifically select one in ANOTHER folder I want all the songs to be from the first folder. As I have it now, I have folders for every artist I have. If I choose one song it will play correctly. However, the next song will be random and NOT from the same folder. I am using the paid version of Poweramp. I am willing to manipulate the songs in windows if need be. I think that I MIGHT have to create a playlist for every artist. I do not use playlists now, so, would have to be advised on how to do that. It seems simple, but I cannot figure it out.
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Hi, looking at your plan I feel that may require some scripting VB? sorry I don't know how to do that especially for a media player to read it.
But in windows use your chosen media player add the tracks from an individual folder  into the now playing then in that media player options make a playlist, name it the name of that group save it, remove all the now play tracks repeat for each folder.
that type of playlist is recognised in that media player

if you like a separate playlist that can be loaded
I use winamp and it can save the folder as an MRU file or just a playlist which when added to a media player that supports it loads all those files in that folder
winamp save playlistIf you use WMP drag the folder on to the now playing and make a playlist
I need to know
Which media player do you use in windows is it also connected to the mobile phone?
then I could show you the windows side how to then check if it's compatible with your phone.
Real player can work in both?
If it helps take a look at the PlayList Generator (apps)
Works only with external memory (sd-card).
And this one
Media monkey

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Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for your detailed and thoughtful assistance. Your ideas give me something to work on.
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry, but I did not finish my thoughts and answer your question. I use Poweramp. The paid version. It would be most awesome if there were SOME program that would work in unison with a windows desktop and an Android phone. My goal is to have my music stored and kept in sync with each other similar to the way Evernote does with my information. I don't mind manually doing updates as information changes. I don't expect it to work as seamlessly as Evernote, but you get the idea. Thanks again for your expertise and ideas. Let me know if anything else pops into your mind.
Hi thanks, glad I could help.
As I see it the problem is creating a super playlist that contains all your 1000's of files sorted into groups.
How I understand it it is only possible to make one full playlist of 1000's of mp3 files correctly sorted by metadata etc
But here's a thought,
Poweramp looking at the features it supports>> support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists
 "m3u" and "m3u8" files are the basis for the HTTP Live Streaming format
From Wiki
M3U is a computer file format that stores multimedia playlists.
 It is supported by many applications, including media players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Audacious, foobar2000, Totem, JuK and VLC media player on Windows PC's and Astro Player, N7Player, Cubed on Android OS devices. M3U's can also point a media player to an online streaming audio source.
In order to have all my music in one place especially for long distance trips I bought this little FM mp3 player put all all my tracks on an USB stick which plug in to this mp3 player which in turn plugs into the radio tuned to FM on that channel.
Has a remote control.
They come in many types an colours and very cheap can have your windows phone or mobile phone connected to it so you can play it in your car
Have a look, this one as an example
 is different from mine only in the shape but has the same functions

All the best :)
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