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Searching Files for Pattern

Does anyone know of a good utility to search an entire 2003/2008 file server looking for matching patterns in files.   for example to search all files on a files server that have text matching xx-xxx-xxxx (SS#).
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Enabbar Ocap
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There was/is a unix command grep which someone wrote a windows version of. If it's been updated it should be what you need. It was very fast and powerful.
Here is a download, looks like it is still current:
Are you talking about a windows server or something else?
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Yes,on a windows 2003/2008.    I'm not looking to search files for exact text such as
54-011-9876, but as a matching pattern.   You ask the utility to find any files with data matching a pattern like xx-xxx-xxxx. This is just an example, it might be other patterns as well.
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That works !!