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Symantec system recovery fails since upgrading to 2013

I've used Symantec system recovery for quite a few years for our servers.  I do a complete image every night.  I upgraded 2 months ago to the 2013 version and have had major problems ever since.  I back up multiple servers and at least one fails every night.  I get one of 2 errors - this one has been the one that has popped up most often.  I've been working with them for the past several weeks, but we've played telephone tag more than anything.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I've done chkdsk with repairs and also did a defrag but neither has fixed the problem.  

-Error E002000D: Device C:\ failure querying drive geometry.
--Error EBAB03F1: Following Operating System error occurred while performing requested operation: 'The parameter is incorrect.'

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What are the disks and controller models?

Is this RAID?

2013 is the first SSR version to recognize 4K sector hard drives ,so possible bug in code,but let's see what you have first.
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These are all vms.  I out of the office so will reply more later today.  I know the hosts are IBM servers with a San backing up to a physical server with physical drives.  Do you want the drives for the vm or backup.
Type of VM's?

We talking Vmware ,M$ Hyper V or what?
VMware 5.0 - we've had these vm's set up for about 2 1/2 years.

The backup server itself has M5014 scsi disk drives and the controller is a 5014 sas/sata controller.  The vm's attach to a DS3512 SAN.  I'm looking in the storage management system and Vsphere and can't find the specifics on the drives or controller for the VM's.  I would have thought it would list it some where.  Device manager shows the drives as virtual scsi disk devices with the controller a LSI adapter, sas 3000 series.  I'm not sure if that helps?

I did check out the article you referenced.  Backup does work some times on all of the servers - most of the times on most servers.  One server gives me more problems that the others but they all have had an occasional problem.  Most of the vm's were converted using the VMware P to V process - but again that was several years ago.
What versions of OS were converted?

This almost sounds like a VM disk alignment problem because one of the errors points to disk geometry.

2003 and 2008.  We never had problems before - is 2013 more sensitive in some way that this is only showing up now?
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The one server that fails the most is a sql server.  I have others that fail intermittently - most are sql but one is not.

I did try something over the weekend and was able to get one successful backup of my most problematic server.  I moved the data to the 2nd data store.  That backup had failed about 12 times in a row and after I moved it, it ran successfully.  I'm anxious to see if it will work ok tonight.
I am still having issues with the backups.  I've tried numerous things but nothing has consistently worked.   I can get a backup once in while, but it fails most of the time.  I've continued to work with Symantec on this, but they have not been able to resolve this issue either.  I've realized that I'm only having problems with my 2003 OS.  I'm not sure where to go with this.
Have you tried running any alignment tests?

Definitely sounds like alignment issues.

Server 2003 and SQL did not play well together.
This was fixed in server 2008.

The real kicker is that in order to fix this,you need to have run the diskpart utility before the install.

You cannot just do a image restore either.

You need to rebuild those volumes from scratch,use the diskpart tool and then reinstall.

If you just copy the OS or convert to VM,the issue is still there.
I continued to work with Symantec without any success.  I finally went back to my old version of Symantec for the one server with the most problems and all of my problems have disappeared.  I do believe it is because of the new drive support that the new version isn't working.