streaming music questions

What options are available for this situation:

User has LOADS of GB of music.  Doesn't want to keep it on his tablet because it takes up too much space.  But he wants to listen to it when he wants.

1) Are there streaming services that let you upload your music and then stream it back to the user so they don't have store all the music locally?

2) Or subscription services that let you build songlists / playlists from their music? But then there's the risk that they don't have the type of music he wants?

3) if he goes on a plane  (no wifi coverage) is he out of luck then?  Files aren't stored local, and can't stream them.  So no music?

Basically - how do you listen to lots of different music both when you have web and when you don't, and you don't have space to store the music locally?

This is specifically for a win 8 tablet with 50GB internal drive.

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Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
ok, stupid idea but I just want to throw it out there anyway.  what about an external usb drive?
If that is a no go, then where is the library stored?  does he use iTunes or windows media player? or something else?  if iTunes, iTunes match maybe worth the $25/yr.  I'm not aware of another service though for other players.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
he wants to travel light.  What's the match service get you?  They match your song to verify you own it... but then in the cloud can you stream it? or just download to another device?  I think he needs / wants the streaming because he doesn't have the space locally to download the music.
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
iTunes Match will try to match the song in your library against apple's massive library.  If its there it will use their version of the song (with that versions' quality; if i'm right, if your's is better it may upload it).  If it can't find it, it uploads the song to iCloud (not counting against your iCloud storage limit).  There are cases that it won't upload but from what I've seen so far it's because the song entry is either not a song or corrupt and its meta data is so bad it can't match it to anything.  When in iCloud, you can delete it from your local machine (do NOT choose to delete from iCloud as well or its gone) and then just stream it to any device you have your iTunes match account configured and match enabled.  You can choose to download the song if you want access to it while not connected to an internet link, but its not necessary.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
'when in icloud'.... you do all the management from inside iTunes on a device?  if you go to it doesn't even list music.
Cyclops3590Sr Software EngineerCommented:
correct.  you manage your music thru iTunes, not
Anthony RussoCommented:
Google Play Music does this exactly. You can upload up to 20,000 songs to their cloud and then stream it on your phone whenever you want. For 9.99 a month subscription you can get their All-Access music subscription and pick from their library.

Playlists and everything included. If going on a plane, you make a playlist and check offline access. Then the songs are downloaded to your device for that playlist.¿
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Anthony - thanks.  the $120 / year saves you from uploading / matching songs, but if they don't have something in the library that you have, you can't upload it to them, right?

tradeoffis - apple is cheaper but you have to go through the matching process. and it can stream music you have that they don't offer.

hmmmmm, which way to go?
Anthony RussoCommented:
Google Play Music will let you upload any song. I have lots of songs on there that are not in their selection. It's free so give it a try and find out. :)
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
the 20K songs you can upload are free (not just a trial) and if you want to pay the $9.99, then you get access to their selections?!

Oh!  Nice!  So if you are happy with what you have already, skip the $9.99.  if you want more variety, spend the $$ ? : )

Interesting. So for $10 / month with google you get access to lots more songs you might not have, for 25 / year from apple, you don't get access to more songs, just saves you the trouble of uploading?

Would you know if google does that matching process to see what you have  vs. what they already have (and plays their copy without uploading your copy) or they actually upload GBs of songs?  I know data is cheap, but making millions? of people upload the same song and then store all those identical copies seems lower tech than what I'd expect from them : )
Anthony RussoCommented:
I honestly don't know how they work it. I know though that it works seamlessly for me. I have popular stuff and then obscure 'mixed' stuff as well that are all uploaded there.

If you like what you got, you don't have to subscribe and it is totally free.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
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