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SSRS: Subreport Does Not Display Correctly in the Main Report


Attached are .rdl files.  One is my main report, while the other other is my subreport.  The main report's name is a misnomer as I entitled it "POOR_RCG_Subreport.rdl".  But, it is the main report and not a subreport.  It's a long story.

Anyway, the subreport is showing the correct dollar figure, when run.  But, when I run the main report containing this subreport, the dollar figure is incorrect.

The dollar figure is $3,050,630.  This is showing correctly in the subreport.  But, when the subreport is placed in the main report, the dollar figure instead shows as $669,749.

What's happening is that the subreport in the main report is taking the dollar figure from the first record in the main report.  Instead, I simply want the dollar figure from the subreport to show in the main report without being "influenced" by data on the main report.

Can someone please take a look and let me know how to fix this, so that the subreport displays the correct dollar value in the main report?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

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Howard Cantrell
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Why are you running a subreport just for totals?
It should be in the main report.
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The subreport is an offshoot of another subreport.  It's a long story.  

The main reason is that I cannot "combine" the programming of the main and subreport.

Again, long story short, I need this separate subreport just the way it is.  And, I need to make this all happen ASAP, since I'm on a tight deadline with this customer.

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