Setup 24x Allworx with 6 analog lines from Comcast

We have an allworx 24x system running in our office. We just moved from a very expensive T1 connection with 5 digital lines to Comcast 100mb down/20mb up with 6 regular analog lines. How can I set up the analog lines and routing in allworx? i'm new to allworx and I only see 3 analog ports on allworx system. Sorry for dumb question, Comcast promised me one thing and I got a different connection from what I expect.
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PhonebuffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Jon is partially right..

   If Comcast gave you analog lines you will need an Analog adapter to support your six lines.  Something like the Sangoma VegaStream-50 or Audiocodes MP-118 unit where you take the Line from the Comcast unit into the Alworkx as as a SIP trunk.  

    You could also consider just porting you numbers to anyone of many SIP trunk providers available and have your voice traffic routed over the Comcast IP network to your Allworkx directly.

    I would not use a hosted solution unless you do the majority of your traffic as calls and very limited extension to extension calling...  

PS: I have not looked at pricing in a while but Comcast does have a VoIP trunk (SIP) solution an the ability to deliver a PRI from there interface unit.
Jon GieseConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
I think you would need an allworx consultant to come onsite and configure this for you.  You had a PRI handoff and yes the analog handoff will be different along with a hunt group.

For the same price you could probably get new IP phones and go hosted.
SuperRootAuthor Commented:
I figured it out. I need t1 trunking for pri to make it work for more than 3 outside lines. Otherwise I would need to buy an extender port. Allworx support sucks I called them up they said they won't help and will find me a partner instead. 6 days later still no call from them.
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