Query acts like it is not able to select from the temp table

Posted on 2013-12-28
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
Query acts like it is not able to select from the temp table as it give a field not found error. What is wrong with this code?

/*  Author: Jessie Brown     
    Date:   8/17/13 
    Notes:  Template Creation

    Comments: Comments created in the header area will NOT be stored in the database write
              Comments created AFTer the begin statement will be retained within the database write

-- checks to see if stored procedure exists
-- if exists the procedure is dropped and recreated

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `reportFreeCoolingNew`//

-- Creates new procedure

CREATE PROCEDURE reportFreeCoolingNew(
  IN fromDate VARCHAR (50),
  IN toDate   VARCHAR (50),
  IN timeZone VARCHAR (50)
  DECLARE startDate VARCHAR (50);
  DECLARE endDate   VARCHAR (50);
  DECLARE mylogID   INT;
  DECLARE myItemId varchar (50);
  DECLARE myItemId2 varchar (50);
  DECLARE xHours varchar (50);

  SET startDate = FROM_UNIXTIME(fromDate/1000);
  SET endDate   = FROM_UNIXTIME(toDate/1000);
  SET mylogID   = (SELECT logID FROM logs WHERE details LIKE 'FCT%' LIMIT 1);
  SET myItemID = (SELECT i.itemId FROM items i  WHERE LIKE '%KW PRE%');
  SET myItemID2 = (SELECT i.itemId FROM items i  WHERE LIKE '%KW STA%');

  SET @sql = NULL;
  SET @sql = CONCAT(
    @row := @row + 1 AS rownum,
    L2.recordId AS next_recordId,
    L2.completed AS next_completed,
    L1.activityId AS activityJoin,
    L2.activityId AS next_activityId,
    IF(L1.activityId = L2.activityId, 1, NULL) AS isError,
        when LIKE ''%Enable%'' THEN time_to_sec(timediff(L2.completed, L1.completed)) / 3600
        ELSE NULL
        END AS coolingHours,
     TO_SECONDS(L2.completed) - TO_SECONDS(L1.completed) AS timeInSeconds,
    ((SUBSTR(l.details, INSTR(l.details, '':'') + 1))) AS charge,
    time_to_sec(timediff(''', endDate, ''', ''', startDate, ''')) / 3600 AS totalTimeRange,
    CONVERT_TZ(''', startDate, ''', ''UTC'', ''US/Pacific'') AS startingDate, 
    CONVERT_TZ(''', endDate, ''', ''UTC'', ''US/Pacific'') AS endingDate,
    ((L1.item', myItemID, ' - L1.item', myItemID2, ') * 
        (TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(L2.completed, L1.completed)))) / 3600 AS kwDifference,
    ((L1.item', myItemID, ' - L1.item', myItemID2, ') * (SUBSTR(l.details, INSTR(l.details, '':'') + 1))) AS cost,
    ((((L1.item', myItemID, ' - L1.item', myItemID2, ') * (SUBSTR(l.details, INSTR(l.details,'':'') + 1)))
    * (TIME_TO_SEC(TIMEDIFF(L2.completed, L1.completed)) / 3600))) AS costT,
    DATABASE() AS databaseName, i.itemId ,l.details
    (SELECT @row:=0)R,
    (SELECT T1.completed,
       (SELECT MIN(completed)
         FROM log',mylogID, '
         WHERE completed > T1.completed) AS next_completed
       FROM log',mylogID, ' T1
      ORDER BY T1.completed
        LEFT JOIN log', mylogID, ' L1 ON (L1.completed = TimeOrder.completed)
        LEFT JOIN log', mylogID, ' L2 ON (L2.completed = TimeOrder.next_completed)
        LEFT JOIN activities a ON L1.activityId = a.activityId
        LEFT JOIN logs l ON a.logId = l.logId
        inner join items i ON l.logId = i.logId AND LIKE ''%KW PRE%'' 

 SET @sqlTemp = NULL;
  SET @sqlTemp = CONCAT(
    databaseName,,l.itemId, kwDifference, cost, costT,l.details,timeInSeconds
  FROM tempTable3 l
   inner join items i ON l.logId = i.logId AND LIKE ''%KW PRE%'' 
   WHERE l.itemId = ''',myItemId,'''
        AND completed BETWEEN ''', startDate, ''' AND ''', endDate, '''
  ORDER BY completed'); 

PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;
 EXECUTE stmt;

PREPARE stmtTemp FROM @sqlTemp;
 EXECUTE stmtTemp;


END //


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Question by:portlight
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Accepted Solution

Ray Paseur earned 500 total points
ID: 39743682
What field is not found?  Can you please post the exact text of the error message?

Author Closing Comment

ID: 39743709
had an extra field in the select statement,.
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Expert Comment

by:Ray Paseur
ID: 39743719
Love it when there is a simple solution!  Thanks for the points and thanks for using EE, ~Ray

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