POTS trunk returns "Answered" ruining a ringall strategy --FreePBX

POTS trunk (OBi110 device) returns "Answered" ruining a ringall strategy --FreePBX. I am trying to ring some local IP phones and 3 trunks in a ringall stratedgy. But as soon as a call goes out on the OBi110 it reports "answered" and the call gets connected. It isn't really "answered". The ringall stops. This happens even though I have specified "Confirm Calls" in the ring group.
Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAsked:
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Can you make calls outbound using that device normally, not using call groups or special handling?

Are one of the numbers you are dialing not ringing but getting an dialing error?
Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAuthor Commented:
Yes, I can make calls, no problem.

No, none of the numbers are getting a dialing error.  Maybe some setting in the OBi about how it reports to the PBX?
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Look at your console and check when you make a normal call from an extension, when does the call show to be completed. Immediately or when the called party actually answers? I do not know that device but it appears to be a simple ATA. If it shows connected immediately, it is probably a configuration issue on the ATA. If not, I would look at the PBX call processing.

Do the same test with a call into the call distro group. If you reduce the number of external calls to one, does it still happen? Add a second external, does it still happen. Just trying to walk through it logically for lack of specific detail on the device or your PBX config.
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Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAuthor Commented:
Without using the ring group.

When I dial the number itself it does what it is supposed to and does not show connect until the call is answered.

But when I dial the Custom extension I have set up "1304" in which the dial field is configured Local/1336XXXXXXX@outbound-allroutes, Is does this business of registering as connected in 5 seconds;

2013-12-28 21:44:22      Local/1336XXXXXXX@outbound-allroutes-6eee,2      972      "Jaga-room" 972>      1336XXXXXXX      SIP/OBITRUNK1-0a2a03d8      ANSWERED      5

 and then when the call is actually ended, a second entry for the call shows up in the call report:

2013-12-28 21:44:22      SIP/972-0a097370      972      "Jaga-room" <972>      1304 Local/1336XXXXXXX@outbound-allroutes-6eee,1      ANSWERED      14
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
instead of creating a custom extension and adding it to the ring group can you just add the external number to the ring group.
ring group

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Jeff swicegoodTechnicianAuthor Commented:
OK, that seems to work. Thanks a lot!
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Glad to hear it... I have never tried it with Custom Extensions associated with External numbers. My guess is that the Custom Extension is still an extension on the system and as such tries to answer the inbound call before it processes the reason it is special. ?!?!?
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