Windows Server 2012 Group to Stop/Start Services other than Administrator?

Please advise if there is another group i can assign to an RDP access developer.
They need to start and stop custom services.
The server is NOT using Active Directory. It is a VPS with Windows Server 2012 Std.
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ibrahim52Connect With a Mentor Team LeaderCommented:
Without a domain/workgroup I doubt it if you can achieve any solution.
XGISAuthor Commented:
Even when I make them an Admin they do not have access via the services panel but they can run a batch file "Run As Administrator" and it works.  This is OK by me as the server is only a development server.  They are still restricted from accessing folders protected by the primary admin.
XGISAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for the contribution.. ibrahim52
You can try disabling uac, not best practice but may solve your issue.
ibrahim52Team LeaderCommented:
Thanks XGIS. Good luck.
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