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Which Laserjet printer is better?

Hello Experts,

Can you tell me which Laserjet printer is better between the two below and why? I would like to get one of the two printer below and not sure which is a better.

Brother MFC 9340CDW Laser All in One:

HP Laserjet M451dn:
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Joe Winograd

8/22/2022 - Mon

The major differences:
The Brother has the ability to scan, fax and copy, the HP does not.
The HP has a higher duty cycle, which generally means it's more rugged- printing wise.
Brother has wireless, HP does not (though both have networking)

You'll need to decide which of these factors has the most value for you.

That being said, I've always had fewer problems with HP printers, and I'm sure you could find an HP all-in-one laser.  They tend to cost a bit more, but I have found it worth it.

What about the drums between the two? The HP drum gets replaced every time you replace the toner cartridge whereas the brother you have to replace separately when needed. In other words when you replace the toner for the brother it does not replace the drum.

Also, the brother uses LED printing whereas the HP is listed as Laserjet. They both fall under the Laserjet category but the brother has LED printing if you look at its specs.

I never purchased a Laserjet printer before and just want to get a good Laserjet printer.

"..just want to get a good Laserjet printer."  
Definately, get an HP.  

Though perhaps other experts will disagree.
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William Peck
Joe Winograd

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Hi Joe,

Im not concerned about copy, scan, or fax. The two I chose are in my price range. I never owned a Laserjet printer and just want to get something reliable. The brother uses LED printing which I'm not sure if that is comparable to Laserjet printing, in other words I'm not sure if LED is better or worse compared to Laserjet.

Also, it appears the HP has a 10,000 page duty cycle higher than brother. Also, when you replace the toners in an HP you are also replacing the drums from what i was told.
Joe Winograd

Yes, LED and laser printing are similar. Here's a very brief write-up in Wikipedia:

I'm sure a web search for "led vs laser printer" will turn up more detailed info for you to study.

Duty cycle is certainly an important issue, so you'll need to match those specs with your printing volume.

Based on what I've read, you are correct that the M451dn toner cartridges also contain the drums. But that probably makes them more expensive, so it's not clear that this is an advantage. It may be more cost-effective to replace just (lower-priced) toner cartridges and then the drum unit only when needed (on printers where they are separate, it's likely that the life of a drum exceeds the life of a toner cartridge). The cost of consumables can be a big issue with printers, so you may want to look for some data that compares per-page printing costs for the various printers you're considering. On the other hand, if you don't print a lot, the initial cost of the unit may be the far more important factor for you. Regards, Joe