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Choppy video when straming from smart phone to PS3

I'm trying to figure out how to stream video from a smart phone (in this case Samsung note 3) to a PS3 or Roku or Belkin screen connect.
This is a problem that I have for years with multiple phone like few Samsung, Xperia Z1 and IPhone.
When I connect to PS3 with DLNA the video show but are very choppy.
The PS3 is connect it via wire and the phone via wireless I believe N.
So I know the problem is because of the high definition video but it should not be that important since Netflix is stream also on HD with no Problem.
Is there a way to setup PlayStation so it does play normal?
I also have a Roku 3 but when I click on the Samsung to send the picture or video to Roku it said file transfer fail and nothing show on the Roku.
The only way is to install the Roku app on the phone and send the picture from there via the account and only photo not video. Is there a way to have it send direct to the device without using the account?
And finally I have a Belkin Screencast that I was never be able to connect anything to it since day one including my Dell laptop that has intel widi.
It just say connecting and after a minute it come back saying ready to connect.
Personally I think this is the worst device I ever had to deal with.
I'm also interested to know if what I have (Ps3 and Roku or the Belkin) does not work, is there another device that you recommend that will let me stream video or photo and even do screen mirroring from my phone without the problems I have now?
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1 Solution
Try AirSync
DoubleTwist AirSync app.
According to the Android experts
The app previously allowed users to stream multimedia content over a wireless connection to a local computer, using the universal DLNA standard, but a new update gives it even more functionality - specifically, it adds connectivity with the Xbox 360's and PS3's built-in DLNA protocol.

Simply set up your game console's DLNA connection via the DoubleTwist app, and your Android phone will show up as a source of media content on the console.
This is all accessible in the app's "AirTwist" feature.
Any phone with Android 1.6 or later is capable of running the app, and any Xbox 360 or PS3 with current firmware should work.

Here's a selection of the best AirPlay apps for Android to stream music from iTunes, around your home
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Doubletwist play only music and airsync is more to play from Itunes and that's something that I don't use. All I want is to take the video I just took with my camera from my phone and play it on a PS3 or Roku.
I have over 7 DLNA apps installed on my phone and PS3 see them all and play the movies with all but all display choppy video. It must be something with the video compression.
If I take a sample video that comes with the phone then it plays just fine. Only the one I take are choppy and again this problem it's not limited to a single phone.
I have Nexus, Sony xperia 2, Samsung note 3, Nokia with windows phone and so on.
I have this problem with so many devices for years. The only common denominator is the PS3.
I did not try on anything else than PS3. Again on the same PS3 the simple video that comes with the phone work fine and any video that I stream from my computer to PS3 work also just fine. Only the one from any smart phone that has the problem.
PlayOn is both browser and media server for your Windows PC which lets you magically stream your favorite shows, movies, even your personal media files from your PC to your TV, smartphone or tablet.
To display videos on your TV, PlayOn relies on a friend such as a game console like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, WiiU or another supported device like a Roku.

Choppy video indicates several areas either the audio used is not supported or the video format / codecs used is not supported. Size.
Progressive download verses Streaming.
Or just a settings.
have you enabled to share all files pictures/music/video/folders?
>> take the video  just took with my camera from my phone and play it on a PS3 .<<

Streaming directly from the phone to PS3 requires an apps.
If it helps, a video is much better to see how it works
Connect Samsung Galaxy Phones to Playstation 3 using DLNA with an apps called "all share"
that should be inbuilt and enabled.
It will also show you all the accepts required until you see PS3 on your desktop.
If this resolves it the credit really goes to Marc The Geek I have just brought it to you :)

you could bypass this and just use your phone to store stuff and play directly to PS3.
Turn your Android device into a control center for your Roku streaming player.
Our free app lets you:
• Browse and add channels from more than 1,000 Roku channels offered in the Roku Channel Store
Free Tool: IP Lookup

Get more info about an IP address or domain name, such as organization, abuse contacts and geolocation.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
I have the Galaxy note 3 and it has the near devices but like any other DLNA software recommended here I try and it just does not work. Video stop and go every second.
I will receive next week a DVD, GPS for my truck that has DLNA and screen mirroring build in and I will try it to see if the problem is with the PS3.
Like I said if I try a demo video that comes with the phone it works just fine but any other video that I record myself on the phone it does not. I assume is the video compression or the codec and this happen with every phone I had until now.
I can't remember if I already try with XBOX360 in the past with other phone but I will try again today with the note 3 and if it works then is the PS3 and if it does not then I don't know anymore.
Yes lets see how your tests work out.
Does it happen if you put one of these videos from your camera on to a USB stick and play that in the Xbox?
Are they .Mov or .mod?
There is a tool called gspot that I use to analyse a video to see what codecs are used in the video compression and especially the audio.
Do you have ac3 and ffdshow installed?
The playback behaves as if there is some kind of performance bottleneck when dealing with certain combinations of audio and video encoding.
Could be the internet speed, test here with your xbox or smart phone.
Which router?
You could convert the video off your smart phone using Windows Moviemaker
It will save the movie for High Definition playback mp4
Or use a different video converter and convert to divx avi.
Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 Choppy Video Stream To Xbox360
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Well I received the new car radio that has Miracast and DLNA build in and I try to replicate the screen from my Samsung note 3 to the card radio and the phones see the connection and display it on the screen and say click to connect but after 20 seconds it say connection fail. Also the car stereo will say connecting but it show fail after a few seconds.
I use the same tab 3 with a tab 3 and again use the wifi direct feature that I believe is the same as the Miracast or screen mirroring but different name. Still no connection between the note 3 and tab 3 or tab 3 and car stereo.
I saw so many video on the internet on how to connect your phone to that radio by just going to screen mirroring and clicking connect but for some reason mine does not work.
Since it does not work between note 3 and tab 3 I take out of the problem list the cars stereo and since it does not work between the tab 3 and the stereo I also take out of that list the note 3.
Not sure where else to look.
Could you tell me what the brand and model of this car radio is?
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
It's an Eonon M1
Nice piece of hardware
Do you use the remote control?
That may be part of the key.
There is this apps do you have it?
Eonon DLNA
This app is for you to use your phone with Eonon M1 Car GPS smoothly. EononDLNA enables you to share your music, video, photos from your phone to the M1 at ease!
The guys at Samsung suggest
you can manually go into your bluetooth devices and reconnect it when it doesn't connect. Even if it says it says it IS connected, just click on it again.
Whenever I get stuck I browse youtube for videos. Great stuff and usually find what I need.
The tennis is on sorry gotta go.
Australian time
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Nice piece of hardware on paper. This will be the last Chinese hardware I will ever buy again that is design or copy in China.
Anyway I already have their DLNA app but it does not work. No device it's found. I'm not sure what that remote http:\\ is. I did not try because my network it's on a different subnet. I may set a laptop on that subnet and see what happen but I don't stream via that IP if that's what it does.
Miracast does not work and the guy that I purchase it from said that if I have android 4.3 it's not compatible. They do not say that on any of their advertising.
Now I wondering if is an Android 4.3 problem or the Eonon one and the reason is that I try the Wifi direct between the Tab 3 and the note 3 and I still get nothing.
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
I just try with Sony Xperia Z1 that has android 4.2 and it get's one step farther on Miracast but still not connecting. It shows WIFI Direct Succeed, wait for IP then it timeout.
DLNA still not working on any device
Yes I agree, sorry to hear of your problems, there is time to return refund as it's not what you need?
There is a few bugs that could be remedied with any updates Samsung may put out in the future.
Eonon DLNA apps didnt work?
Maybe you need to put in your own ip address?
In the Manual says supports ipod and bluetooth Miracast DLNA NFC GPS USB SD
What did you want to achieve again with your Samsung??  Stream?
sorry we have switched topics  from the TV to this
You can't watch movies while driving?
Can you connect your Samsung via bluetooth?
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Sorry. I taught the problem I have with the TV it's the same as the one with the radio.
Since I can't connect direct wifi from the Samsung to the Dlink adapter that is connect it to the tv and DLNA from the Samsung to the PlayStation. I use the radio as a testing device since both has direct wifi. And the reason I got the one with the Miracast is not because I want to watch video when I dry but for kids when going on long trips so they can all watch at the same time their Youtube video.
Ok, wow quite a task to achieve there.
I cant see how this would work actually.
connect direct wifi from the Samsung to the Dlink adapter that is connect it to the tv and DLNA from the Samsung to the PlayStation.
Not sure if I can help on this one infedonetwork, if you were to reword your question a bit clearer and then ask for more asistance using the request attention under your first comment.
See if we can attract more qualified experts.

Would the Dlink adapter be able to receive your ISP wireless from that distance to your Samsung?
That would be required straightup,
From what I saw you touch the Eonon remote control with your Samsung to connect via bluetooth and the nfc to the Eonon

There are numerous methods to achieve video playback in the car not necessarily the internet but even with internet access.
My preferred method was using a laptop and wireless inbuilt.
This way I had a decent screen, all my video onboard on the HDD, wireless for emails/internet and a storage place for my holiday video and photos to upload to.
Ipads are all the go. Windows phones.

It's still a pretty nice device, I'm sure with the right person to help you
 you should be able to achieve what you need.
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Sorry I forgot to specified that the Dlink is a WIDI adapter.
Your original question >>Choppy video when straming from smart phone to PS3

 I looked at the technical specs of this WIDI Adapter
And I still cannot find any references to how far the connection will work,
Intel® Wireless Display installed and a DHD-131 connected to a TV through an HDMI or standard AV cables cables? on that note seems to me like it would be connection loss.
And your Smart Phone is not  WIDI compatible?
I believe you cannot take this outside the home and into the Car!!.
However you connect the computer to this widi you'll need to check if the hardware is compatible, such as Xbox TV and or Samsung.

This is the impression I get of what you are now trying to do now.
WIDITo recap
so step one>
 WiDi is a system for streaming highdefinition video content from your PC to an HDTV via your Wi-Fi network  
Step two
you want to>
then connect direct wifi from the Samsung smart phone to the Dlink  WIDI adapter

All Intel WiDi compatible products should be advertised as such.
In order to doublecheck about this feature you may want to contact the manufacturer about your TV and your Smart Phone?
In case that the TV does not support Intel WiDi you can obtain a compatible adapter for your TV as the ones listed on this webpage:
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Yes your Diagram looks right.
The Samsung Direct Wifi find the Dlink adapter and it try to connect to but the connection time out same as when I try to connect to the cars stereo from the Samsung.
Also when I try to connect from my Dell XPS12 that is WIDI compatible to the Dlink I get the same results. When I try to connect via DLNA from Samsung phone to PS3 then it connect but the videos that I take with the phone are choppy. The demo one that comes on the phone from Samsung works fine.
I also have a Samsung tab 3 that supports Direct wifi and it does not connect  with my Samsung note 2 eider.
In other words nothing works and I'm about to give-up.
Nice technology on paper but not on real life for me.
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
So I play a little more with the DLNA part and find out that the Eonon become an wireless AP when DLNA it's selected. All you have to do is to go to the wireless connection on the Samsung phone and connect to the EONON then chose their app that will allow you to play music, video and picture from your phone to your Eonon. Basically it has to be on the same subnet with the Eonon. They do not tell you anywhere that Eonon become an AP and first you have to connect to wireless before you can run their app.
Anyway to get back to the original problem the video playback it's a little better on some video and same on others. I see that most video start fine and then it get's choppy. Basically almost the same as the PS3. So it's not a PS3 problem or a wireless AP problem eider. I assume it's an video compression some how.
And the Screen mirroring still does not work. It keep saying connecting then it come back and time out. This is something that I really wish to make it working on both the Dlink and the Eonon. Specially on the Dlink. Anyway I will do more research on the Miracast later on.
infedonetworkAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. This solved thee DLNA but looks like the manufacture has not come out with a software update for Android 4.3 even that they advertised that Samsung Note 2 is compatible. For the choppy video to the PS3 still not solutions  yet and for the Miracast with the Belkin Screen Cast I think you are right. It may not support Miracast even that the Samsung it see it as a Miracast device.
Thank you for all your help.
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