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My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and I have a Lennovo pc M72e.  I have the Nortons Endpoint Protection ver 12.10 and also Avasti Premier programs.  Both do an awesome job of preventing the adwares, malwares and also the redirects, etc. and put my former Mcafee to shame.  
Please let me know if I can have both programs on my pc or just any one of them will suffice, this is because the time to renew my Nortons is due now, and I am thinking of should I be spending this extra cash.
Thank u for your  advice.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAsked:
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Hi jegajothy,

It's best not to have two anti-virus programs installed at the same time. I wouldn't use Norton. If you need an anti-virus I would suggest ESET NOD32 Anti-virus.
First of all you shouldn't run more than 1 AV product, your machine will slow down.

There is no perfect answer, however my recommendation for you is Kaspersky Internet Security. You can buy this product for use on 3 machines.
Agree with the first two post, run only one av program. I run ESET on my systems.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First Symantec is NOT Norton for those who do not know.

I have Symantec Endpoint Protect V12.4 on my Windows 8.1 machine (and Windows 7 before it and Vista before it). It does a fine job.

Since you have it, keep it and you only need one.

.... Thinkpads_User
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you read through the older posts basically asking the same question - which antivirus should I use - you'll come to understand that this question is like asking which flavor ice cream is best - everyone has an opinion and there is no real right answer.  They will ALL miss things and if yours hasn't yet, consider yourself LUCKY.

Second, as others have said, DO NOT run two at the same time.  That can cause serious performance issues and some won't install if they detect another on the system.

As for what to use, thinkpads_user is correct, Symantec is NOT Norton, BUT Symantec OWNS Norton and uses the same incompetent (in my OPINION) programmers and/or corporate policies that results in utterly HORRID software.  I am not alone in this opinion.  Based on conversations with others and seeing comments here - it's a 50/50 split (give or take) - half of us absolutely LOATH Symantec products, which includes me.  The other half seem to like them.  I have had SO MANY negative experiences with Symantec, I won't use if there is any way not to.  I recommend VIPRE - I use it at all my clients and either my clients are extremely lucky - or it works as I cannot remember the last time I had to clean a virus from a system protected by VIPRE.

That said, EVEN VIPRE is REACTIVE and like other products CANNOT protect well against things it hasn't seen before.  Every company - INCLUDING symantec - touts their methods to protect against "zero day" attacks... NONE are perfect.

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chanderpal singh rathoreMicrosoft Exchange EngineerCommented:
Hi jegajothy,

You should not run both antivirus at same time. they will slow your PC performance because they consumes most of the RAM and even most of antivirus give warning if you have another antivirus already running on your PC.

I personally suggest ESET NOD32.

Good luck !!!!!!!!
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
As stated, AV is very much like Ice-cream, which is better is almost without measure. Even the sites like come up with a different answer month to month. Just pick one. If you are running windows7 you probably have 3, windows defender is an AV program too, I turn it off and see performance gains as well.

The single best thing you can do is run as non-admin, and not use IE. Using an alternative browser like Chrome and FireFox helps tremendously. Running as non-admin is even better. This will be my next article, windows 7 and the non-admin user :) but for now here is a good guide:
I'd like to see more folks/experts talk about this step rather than the AV itself, which most of us know to be relative. Even when you are an Admin, you still get UAC prompts, but those are casual reminders that everyone ignores. The UAC prompts you get when you are a non-admin are a little more inconvenient because they require passwords to be input.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u everyone for your responses.  It is apparent how very confused that I am or can get.  My pc, Lennovo came with Norton's 360 degrees protection for a year, and then when my pc went into a tailspin with so many redirects, etc. a tech support suggested installing Symantec's Endpoint protection, and still paranoid, after researching on my own, found that Avasti was also a candidate.  Thus, that is how I came to have both Endpoint protection and Avasti premier on my pc.  
Frankly, both Endpoint and Avasti have performed exceedingly well and have got rid of all the problems that I can think of, and I did not observe any conflicts, so things have been working exceedingly well for me upto now.  
once again many thanks for all your inputs and advice.  Wishing u all Gurus and Experts a Very Happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Two antiviruses at the same PC will conflict each other as they might use the same OS resources such as DLLs and will even cause a performance issue.

What I would personally recommend out of experience is Eset or Kaspersky.
Jegajothy vythilingamretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u everyone for taking time to respond to my Q.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@jegajothy  - Thanks, and as always, I am happy to help you.

... Thinkpads_User
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