Import iCloud Reminders to Google Tasks

Is there a simple way to import iCloud Reminders into Google Tasks?  What other cloud services allow importing of Apple iCloud Reminders?
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turbojournalConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It must be done with Outlook.  After hours of research other than copying and pasting each reminder, a user migrating from iCloud to Gmail reminders must add the iCloud account to Outlook with the iCloud control panel software provided by Apple, in the same Outlook profile have both GMail and iCloud, select all reminders in iCloud and move them to the reminders of GMail.
chanderpal singh rathoreMicrosoft Exchange EngineerCommented:

Please use the below link for the  import iCloud Reminders into Google Tasks
turbojournalAuthor Commented:
What's a solution for the importing of iCloud reminders without Outlook?
turbojournalAuthor Commented:
There's no other option and this was the solution.
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