Windows 8.1 will not shut down

I have a brand new ASUS laptop N550jv, loads of memory and a fast processor and touch screen. Works extremely well but it will not fully shut down. I tried the normal shut down, setting the power button to shutdown and also from the command prompts - all give the same result.
The screen switches off after a few seconds but the wifi, disk and keyboard all stay active. If left for a long time ie  30 mins or similar it sometimes restarts. I can force a full switch off by holding the power button down. It sleeps and wakens almost instantly and works fine.

I disabled fast startup - no difference
I also disabled all the startup processes in task manager- still no different
If I start in safe mode then it shuts down ok - which to me suggest something installed is still running...


I guess I can start uninstalling stuff and see what happens but any pointers as to likely culprits would be appreciated. I have attached screen shots of task manager in safe mode and in normal mode.

Many thanks.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I did not see anything in your startup document that should cause the machine not to shut down.

Check in the BIOS for Wake On ... Something that you can disable. For instance, wake on LAN.

Check to see if a BIOS update is available that might correct this.

... Thinkpads_User
Is this an OEM build, or did you install Windows 8.1 yourself on this machine?

I would start the machine in safe mode - see if you can then shut it down.  If you can, it's something installed (Program, AV, driver, etc.)

Start up normally and run msconfig.  This will allow you to selectively keep apps and drivers from loading at startup to see if that helps.  Not sure if the process is the same in 8.1, but normally you want to go the tabs that offer a checkbox stating "Hide Microsoft".  Check that, then unselect all.  This will basically start the machine in safe mode when you reboot.  Again, test the shutdown - if good, then you can selectively start turning on apps/processes/drivers and see what breaks it.

If you install 8.1 yourself, most likely a driver or similar is missing.  Need to make sure the chipset is installed, etc.
Have you tried leaving it to see if it eventually does actually shutdown completely?

Make sure to update your drivers to the latest version released by Asus for your model. Also make sure you have done the windows updates as well. I would start with the drivers first if it was me. Also as Dipersp advised make sure you have ALL the drivers installed and that none have been left out.
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>>  I have a brand new ASUS laptop   <<  i would return it, and have it exchanged, or repaired
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
Ha ha, fair enough nobus! However, I am sure the issue started when I upgraded to W8.1 as the laptop was delivered and worked with W8.0. Also, you know how long it takes to reinstall all your programs settings and so on!

Progress so far:
In safe mode it shuts down and/or restarts fine
If I stop/disable ALL startup programs and processes (except Microsoft processes) then the problem remains
If after shutting down I wait, then it restarts after about 10 minutes
I updated to the latest Intel and NVidia drivers, no change (Windows is fully updated too)
I removed AVG, no change (reinstalled now)

I tried to update BIOS using WinFlash (my bios is v207 but there is a v208) it does not install - I think because when it tries to reboot it defaults back to the last boot settings??? It will not let me run WinFlash in Safe Mode.

Now off to check the BIOS settings directly

Thanks for your suggestions so far.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I tried to update BIOS using WinFlash (my bios is v207 but there is a v208) it does not install

That indicates a problem. I use my manufacturer's routine for updating BIOS and it always works.

I agree with the above:  Time to consider returning the machine.

... Thinkpads_User
If it shuts down fine in safe mode, Asus is going to tell you it's not their problem.

Very interesting it works in safe mode but not using msconfig and only running Microsoft apps/services. Guess you can try shutting some of those down as well and see if you can pinpoint a particular app or service.
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
You will like this... "ASUS support said reset to W8 as when browsing the internet for information, there does seem to be an issue!"

Well, that is admitting defeat so I will keep trying by switching off some Windows processes - and report back :)
Standard vendor answer!  Good luck!
Check this out. Maybe in Asus's Win8 image this was off. When you updated, maybe now it's on?
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
Thanks dipersp I had already tried that but no luck. Interestingly on my previous laptop i had to do that!

I will try disabling some of the MS options in MSCONFIG when time allows ad report back.
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys, so a step forward here sort of... One of the USB ports remains powered when the computer is off to recharge phones etc. So this made me wonder!

I disabled USB controllers in Device Mgr and eventually found that if I disabled the Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller... (as per attached image) then the computer shuts down and restarts ok.

However, none of the USB ports work and strangely the touch screen also stopped working. Everything else is fine and even the fast hybrid boot works

So, sort of a step forward. I checked if the device driver was up to date and it appears to be.

Does this help with any further suggestions please?
There should be a way (bios?) to disable the always on USB. Well, some vendors have that. Can look and see if it has that option and if that helps.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
One of the USB ports remains powered when the computer is off to recharge phones etc.

Can you change it so this one port turns off or is disabled - Not all the ports. You probably do not want to turn off the Intel Host Controller if you can avoid that.

.... Thinkpads_User
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
thanks, I can't see any options in BIOS to turn off the USB charger. I will check if i can disable just one port
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
Cracked it! :)

Disabling the 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller...  also disabled  USB Root Hub (xHCI) so disabling that on its own still allowed shutdown ok- but no USBs worked

However, under HID it also disabled USB Input Device - and disabling this on its own fixed the shutdown - but prevented the touchscreen working...

However, this also disabled Bluetooth AVRCP Device under HID and disabling only this fixed the problem...

A good example of how a fault in one area can appear to be in an other.

In fact even easier in the end - I simply switched off Bluetooth and everything now works perfectly! I will worry about Bluetooth another time...

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Outstanding!  Nice detective work - you're hired!
tomdentonAuthor Commented:
It was a combined effort so I hope sharing the points proportionally was the fair thing to do.
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