My wife has pictures in one location, but in multiple folders named by the year and/or event which is fantastic!

** My objective now, is to be able to find pictures with me and/or her in it very quickly without looking through all the folders or all the pictures.  

My thinking is that I should add the tagging attribute in Windows 8 with our names on the appropriate pictures, and save the search for repeated trips back to that person or persons.  However, it seems that you can't tag multiple pictures at the same time so even getting them tagged initially is a daunting task.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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In W7 this would be as simple as selecting the pics and setting the tag for them all in one go
In W8 you will need to manage the pics then you can do the group tagging
Disclaimer - I don't know W8 too well so there may be another way.
Tom BeckCommented:
You need something like this for organizing photos with tagging via facial recognition software.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Which of the live essentials is the one that does this?  I can't tell.

Fotobounce looks great!  

But , do I need to be concerned about having to store new information that only Fotobounce can pull up (i.e. libraries, collections, events, people) ?
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Tom BeckCommented:
Yeah, I guess you're stuck with whatever software you choose, Fotobounce, Picasa, etc. There's nothing new about adding metadata to pictures. Photoshop started it years ago. But you need a program to read the meta tags or you're just left with a pile of photos in folders again.
"Tagging" is here to stay if that's any consolation.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
So tagging is a file 'attribute' and is different than metadata which can generally only be read by the program that added it.  Would that be a correct statement?

If so, is there a program that can add a tag based on facial recognition as opposed to adding metadata?
Tom BeckCommented:
Any file can have metadata associated with it. For example, Microsoft Outlook adds lots of metadata to emails. Outlook can read it and so can some third party programs. Metadata is just words or flags associated with a file that help describe and identify it. Makes it much easier to find by keyword search. "Tagging" is just a buzzword. When a photo is "Tagged", somewhere in the background there's a program keeping track of metadata associated with that photo. Foot Bounce uses facial recognition software to pick out individual faces. It then adds metadata to that photo to help identify it and search for it later. "Only be read by the program that added it?" Not necessarily. I don't know if FotoBounce can read Picasa metadata or vice versa for example. You would have to research that.
Which of the live essentials is the one that does this?
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Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Since a "tag" is a searchable attribute in Windows file manager (i.e. search box enter Tags: tagname), it would be nice to be able to use Fotobounce or something like it with facial recognition to add those tag attributes to files.
Tom BeckCommented:
I don't know of any way to do that automatically.

Just thinking out loud...There's the metadata that stays with the file, saved there by the OS. Then there's the metadata "associated" with a file and stored in a proprietary database by programs like Picasa or FotoBounce. The metadata that stays with the file can be viewed by right-clicking a file in Windows File Manager and selecting properties. Some of this can be edited. There you could theoretically add the tags created by a photo management program and they would then become searchable by the OS. These file meta tags can also be edited in bulk. How to combine the "associated" metadata with the permanent metadata is the sticking point. Until the OS has built-in facial recognition and geo-tagging, I don't see an easy solution. Why this has not happened already is a mystery. If FotoBounce and Picasa can be given away for free, why can't Apple and Microsoft get the technology on the cheap and include it with the OS?
Call me lazy old fashion but sometimes gadgets just don't give the technology our brains can do simply by making a folder on the desktop then in each of your sorted folders make a shortcut and cut and paste that into the master folder
On your taskbar pin a windows explorer folder shortcut and add your master folder to it or just the shortcut to these folders
When you open the windows explorer folder on your taskbar there is all your shortcuts to your picture folders all named of course like year 2012 2013  2014, there I wrote 2014 lol..
open the desired folder then press and hold the windows logo key similtainously tapping the TAB key all the images in this folder will fly up and scroll at each tap of the tab key, simply release the windows logo key at the image you want to use
How to Pin a Folder to the Taskbar in Windows 7 & Windows 8
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