Hosted exchange 2010 sp1 journaling mailbox

How to create a journaling mailbox in hosted exchange 2010 sp1 (multi tenant) ?

Is it possible to create just one journaling mailbox for all the different organizations ?

I want to archive mail using GFI Mailarchiver and keep it for 7 years. At this moment there is no journaling mailbox.
thisis_itIT ManagerAsked:
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There should be no difference because GFI will support that:


Supported MailServers:

    Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 (incl. service packs)
    Other mail servers supporting IMAP (with journaling-like feature)
    Office 365
    Kerio Connect
    Google Apps for Business
Yes, I think you can create one journaling mailbox

Create and Configure a Journaling Mailbox from here:

Enable Per-Mailbox Database Journaling

Then you can config GFI mailarchiver to pull email from that Journaling mailbox.

thisis_itIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

But..this is for exchange 2010 sp2 or sp3. The exchange 2010 sp1 hosted "Multi-tenant" is setup with the /hosted switch.

I think this is different ?
thisis_itIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

This solved my question
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