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Screenos OSPF

I have created a small network for lab work that has 2 SRX100 and SSG20. All three are in the same OSPF area 0, and all can ping the loopbacks of each other, and other interfaces on those same devices. Very simple allow all policies. I have  a laptop connected to one port on the SSG20, which has a PC ip of, and the eth0/1 (gateway) is

This seems elementary, but before I configure a VPN, I assumed that everything should be pingable, and while the PC can ping everywhere, no other device, including the attached SSG20 can ping the PC. Seems that shouldn't be. I am not experienced with ScreenOS, but in all my searches, the basic configuration should work--and I do have a policy that allows that subnet to be reachable from anywhere.
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So what was the problem.
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Sorry for not replying sooner, but for the Windows PC, that was exactly it! That puts me one step closer to setting up the rest of my lab! Thanks.
So for an answer that was: "that was exactly it!", you award a grade of B?

From the grading guidelines:

A should be the default grade awarded unless the answer is deficient. An A grade means the solution provided is thorough and informative or is a link to information that answered the question. Any links that are posted will be accompanied by a summary of what can be found there and how it helps solve the problem.
B is the grade given for acceptable solutions, or a link to an acceptable solution. A B grade means the solution given lacked some information or required you to do a good amount of extra work to resolve the problem. When closing the question, the asker should explain why a B grade was awarded.

So what was deficient in my answer? I shouldn't have to ask since: "When closing the question, the asker should explain why a B grade was awarded."  And I'm really curious what good amount of extra work you had to perform.
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I am brand new at this site--my apologies. I will see if I can remedy that. It was unintentional.


I have submitted a help ticket to correct my error. Thanks.