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Need a "net send *" alternative

Net send is gone, which is a bummer. msg.exe is giving us all kinds of headaches, and we can't get it to send a single message to an entire domain, so it's not quite the same and doesn't suit our purposes. What are you, the experts, using instead? There's the obvious blast email, but what if we want to send out a message about how their email server has gone offline?

Thanks guys!
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Steve Knight

8/22/2022 - Mon
Peter Hutchison

You can use your company website or portal or other commonly used web sites or use instant chat systems such as OCS or Lync:

Mohammed Hamada

Lync is Expensive for just an IM solution. try instead using Openfire. it's a great open source piece of software that's very easy to deploy and configure.

Plus it has almost all the functionalists as Lync since it supports RTC protocol.

here's the download link

Installation guide.
Steve Knight

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Most simple way is  lan messaging tool like Softros http://messenger.softros.com
It works  in all windows versions, has offline messaging mode, app doesn't require a server.
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Jian An Lim

pstools are the best

use psexec.exe to send to dedicated computer or use dsquery to find out all machine and send too all of them (need some rework)

OAC Technology

Sorry, I was a bit vague with the question. We need a network messenger that will behave exactly like "net send *", so no IMs are going to do it for us. If we can get msg.exe to work, that's great, but it needs to be really simple, like net send *. Is there a way to turn on the messenger service so that net send will work again?
Steven Carnahan

I think this is what you are asking?

If you want to send the message to all logged users, use this command:
 msg * Please, save your work. Server maintenance!
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OAC Technology

Tried that just now from our domain server and it only made a message appear on the screen of that server. If we can get that same message to appear on the screens of every workstation that's joined to the domain and online, that would be what we're after.
Steven Carnahan

The method mentioned should send a message to all logged users on that particular server. It is meant for use on a TS. This will NOT fulfill the actual requirement if you have multiple TS's.
There is this option:  http://www.fomine.com/net-send-gui.html however I have not tried it.
Steve Knight

I still haven't had a chance to try it on a proper domain setup but have you tried the Microsoft script I mentioned above?

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William Peck
OAC Technology

Sorry about missing that, Steve. That was absolutely the answer and it worked great in a controlled test. Are there any security risks we should be aware of? I went through the Q&A on the script's website and everything looks okay, just wondering how it's been working for you if you've tried it.
Steve Knight

Did you have any luck in a real environment btw, I haven't tried outside test machines yet frankly.