WINSXS after installing WSUS


i´had some servers with no WSUS server  configured at AD, and after configuring WSUS, I ran this DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /SpSuperseded and cleaned some space.

I´ve some questions.

-When a WSUS server is configured under AD, is necessary WINSXS folder?
-Is normal a growth of that folder even WSUS is configured ?

Any idea?

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WSUS is just  service for centrally manage updates, so you don't need to approve in install updates on computers one by one.
There is no difference for winsxs folder if you have WSUS or not. It is still necessary.
Many users have reported the issue of winsxs folder getting increased in size, this folder is basically a OS folder which you should not modifiy / play around with. OS stores dll refernce files in windows sxs ( side by side ) folder which is very much needed for OS to refer to particular version of dll.

This link tells you everything about Winsxs
Winsxs is kind of repository \ store for files needed to deploy server roles \ features

Remember, in windows 2003 if you  install any roles \ service, system always prompt you to provide OS CD.

Its not required now in 2008 as Winsxs folder contains all required files to install roles and features
Also windows can look for files in this folder dynamically as and when required.

However you may try some workarounds to compact its size with below link

Its not recommended to play with this folder without knowing what you are doing exactly.

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heze54Author Commented:

After run DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /SpSuperseded the folder still takes 7,57 GB of space.

Any more idea to reduce it?

heze54Author Commented:
Can be used under windows 2008 R2 standar with AD and WSUS?
They say it will work. I'm not too sure.
you could try. It will try to shrink the folder and not delete it.
Should not be harmful.
Hi heze,
other than above workaround, I really don't see any other better option to reduce Winsxs folder
You need to look for other alternatives such as cleaning up temp files, user profiles, system volume information, recycle bin etc
Also you can check how much page file you have assigned to system and can reduce \ move it if possible to free up disk space.
You can check actual page file utilization during peak hrs with perfomon and can set accordingly

You can try below links to compact wsus database - Remove old updates from wsus


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Unless you are seriously run low on disk space i would leave the winsxs folder be..
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