Uploading a HD video to internet

Hi experts!

I have a 8.4GB HD mp4 video I like to upload to the internet for streaming. I do not wish to upload to Youtube as it has advertisements and restrictions.

How do I upload to my owndomain.com web hosting? which linux software i can install? I currently have wordpress running on my own domain.

Thank you!
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Here is an option... http://wordpress.org/plugins/stream-video-player/

You should really consider how much bandwidth and server horsepower you are about to consume before you take this leap. every time a connection looks at your video, it will consume 8.4GB in about 30-90Kbps. if 10 people hit it at one time, how much bandwidth can you give to the process of video streaming? Your host provider might not be pleased... just some things to think about.

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Don ThomsonCommented:
As far a which linux software - to install - it looks like you are hosting your own domain

you could try http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi 

The problem with hosting your own webserver is that unless you have a fiber connection with an upload speed of about 20mbps  you won't be able to efficiently stream video from it.   Most DSL or Broadband connection wil have an upload speed of about .25 to 2.0 mbps

I would serious think about using a free web server.

If you decide to go that route you need to do this

First you have to register your domain  - or sign up for a shared domain. There are lot's of places on the internet that will give you a personal web space with so much space available.

Typically these free ones will have some restrictions but just look for one that gives your at least 10GB of space.

Once you have your homepage space assigned - you have to create a Web page that will allow you to stream your video.

Getting the video up is simple - you can normally do it from a browser or via FTP.
I recommend you make a torrent for it and let people with bittorrent clients (e.g. uTorrent) help you host it and provide extra bandwidth.
Scott FellDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
There is really no need to upload a video that large.  Re encode the video and keep the bit rate at about 1000 but not much more and you will see the file size go down drastically. Also don't go much larger than 720p.  

Hosting your own video sounds like the easy work around for youtube, but it is not really a good choice.  As you get into it, you will find web video is much more complex then you thought.  Sites like youtube and vimeo already have this all figured out.  I believe you can embed youtube on your site without the ads.    You can also use google drive or ms skydrive or dropbox to host your videos.  They will give you a special iframe code to embed on your site.  

Another option is using smugmug.com.  You will have to pay the silver level though.  When you upload your video to smugmug, they will automatically recreate your video in about 5 different sizes. (You still don't want to start with the 8 gig version though).  In this case you are paying a yearly fee and no ads and you can embed however you want.

Rackspace has http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/files/ which uses the Akamai CDN (or at least a portion of it)  Here you are paying a tiny amount for storage and what appears to be a tiny amount for bandwidth (if you have a small amount of users).

You want your video on a cdn.  In short, with a cdn you upload your video once, and the cdn distributes your video throughout the cdn's private network which can by country wide or world wide.    If I am in NY and your web host is in CA, it is going to take a lot longer for your video to get to me compared to if I was in CA.  With the CDN, it detects my location and serves the video from the closest server on the CDN network.   This makes a huge difference in how your video is viewed.  

If your webhost is in CA and you know all of your viewers are in CA 90% of the time and you only get a handful of people watching the video per day, you may be ok to host the video on your own.  

If you want to do this for free, try Google Drive.  If you don't want the video in a frame, use smugmug.com (I like the fact you pay a flat yearly rate).  

Good luck!
The suggestion made in post # a39749957 is a legitimate use of file sharing software, as opposed to all the illegitimate uses of it (like software and media piracy), so I don't understand why it wasn't considered a valid option for file distribution by eenookami.
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