Crystal report formula not working

I have one report where the following formula is not working. I did not design this reports and as far as I know the report should run and look for last months sales history data. Also I'm pretty sure this report worked in 2013 so it may be that the formula does not work in 2014 because of it set to look at last months data.


TOTEXT(IF MONTH(CurrentDate)=1 THEN YEAR(CurrentDate)-1 ELSE YEAR(CurrentDate),0,"")

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Here is the error I get
formula error
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
It is actually the Month formula not the Year...
Replace line 1 with this and see what happens:

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Above formula returns JANUARY in January but it should return DECEMBER. This should fix it:

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IF MONTH(CurrentDate)=1 

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I think you want to make a minor adjustment to Technodweeb's recommendation.

The issue is that the previous month concept of subtracting 1 works great until the you hit January as 1 - 1 = 0.  I hard coded the value for December in the true part of the If statement.
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Yes, you are correct...
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:

You formula does it only replace the first line or the whole formula I have?
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
This is what I have now and I get this error
formula error
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Replaces only the first line...
as you have done

Remove the last ")" on the 3rd line
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
That did not work.

your formula works. Thanks!
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