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I took some cell phone video and rotated the cell phone. That rotation shows up. How do I edit it so it is the same orientation as the rest of the film.

Also, how do I avoid this error when filming with my cell phone?
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IphonehelperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you have to slit the video and rotate the wrong rotated part

install any video editor on your computer (like movie maker or cyberlink power director) then add the video to the timeline and split the video when the rotation part is, then (depending on the program that you are using) there should be a "power tools" or "edit video.." option that has a rotate video button

for example if you used movie maker and you dont know how to rotate a video, simply go to youtube and search for "how to rotate a video in movie maker.."

good luck
chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to fix it: you'll have to edit the film and split out the bit that's rotated and rotate with video editing software and use the editing softare to put the bit back in.
you'll probably have use laptop based tool.

to avoid in future:   don't rotate the device while filming.
seramaiAuthor Commented:
Can you recommend any free editing software?
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seramaiAuthor Commented:
snapfiles was filled with spyware.....
I've used snap for years, never ran across spyware, not sure what you clicked.

Here is the VirtualDub's base site,
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