How Can I Pipe the Java Console Output to log file

Good day,

Let me know how to pipe the console info to a log file

thank you
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Do you mean?

java -jar my.jar > /tmp/mylog.log 2>&1

(Or use 'tee' if you want it in the log file and still on the console

roy_sanudeveloperAuthor Commented:
I am not able to capture console errors  to an log file

public class MIDSkipPolicy implements SkipPolicy {

	private static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(MIDSkipPolicy.class);

	private Integer skipLimit = null;

	public boolean shouldSkip(Throwable throwable, int skipCount)
			throws SkipLimitExceededException {
		StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer();
		if (throwable instanceof FlatFileParseException) {
			int linenumber = ((FlatFileParseException) throwable).getLineNumber();
			String input = ((FlatFileParseException) throwable).getInput();
			stringBuffer.append("Parsing exception encountered on line #" + linenumber + "; input = " + input);
		} else {

			stringBuffer.append("Exception thrown causing record to be skipped: ");
		if (getSkipLimit() <= skipCount && getSkipLimit() > 0) {
			SkipLimitExceededException skipLimitExceededException = new SkipLimitExceededException(skipCount, throwable);			
			throw skipLimitExceededException;
		return true;

	public int getSkipLimit() {
		return skipLimit;

	public void setSkipLimit(int skipLimit) {
		this.skipLimit = skipLimit;

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roy_sanudeveloperAuthor Commented:
Adding try catch block  but it is not  able the  capture error to log files.........
where is the issue ......... Any right comments are highly appreciable............

try {

} catch (Exception ex) {
		         // Log the stack trace
		         logger.(Level.SEVERE, ex.getMessage(), ex);

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That looks like the badly-documented java.util.logging. If so, you can specify the location of log files with the file, the location of which itself you can specify as a jvm property
roy_sanudeveloperAuthor Commented:
i have added like this

but am not able to pipe console error  to a log4j... still it is showing in the console...
do not want to see the error in the console, file

log4j.rootLogger=ERROR, CONSOLE, FILE

# Main appender
log4j.appender.CONSOLE.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss} %-5p %c{1}:%L - %m%n

# skip logger, skipappender,summaryappender, CONSOLE, File
log4j.appender.skipappender.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %m%n

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roy_sanudeveloperAuthor Commented:
removed the

summaryappender, CONSOLE, File

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yes i could able to log the record

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roy_sanudeveloperAuthor Commented:
removed the console it is working fine
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