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Win7 Pro with Virtial XP - Shut Down Problem

I have a Win7 Pro laptop that has been running fine with hibernation turned off and power options set to never turn off on its own.

On Monday, I downloaded and setup the Virtual XP mode from Microsoft’s site. I needed it to test an application at one client that will not install on Win7.  The Virtual XP install went ok and I wrestled with XP updates but finally got some updates installed. I can log into Win 7 and XP with no problem, but after about six hours of no use, the laptop shuts down or off for an unknown reason. I left it setup at my client’s office and intended to log into it remotely to work on other issues while I’m at my office.  When I try to login after an hour or two, there is no problem, but after about six hours, I can’t connect. I called the client’s office in the morning and the receptionist says “Yes, it’s off” and she turns it back on.  I’ve changed the power plan in Control panel to never shut down while on AC and I left it plugged in.

I use Logmein to connect remotely and I intend to use RDP also. Any suggestions on how to stop the shutdown problem?
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May be overheating problem? If your virtual machine are heavy CPU use, may overheat machine and shut down for security.

Try monitoring hardware to discard this.
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Before I left the laptop at my client's office, I had it running 48 hours straight in my office and it never shut down. the VM was also running during that time. If it was an overheating or power management problem, I would have expected it to shut down in my office.

I'll check the logs then they get to the office and turn it on again.  Remote access is great until the device shuts down!
So then check all the power management settings and version/upgrade levels as suggested.

.... Thinkpads_User
Even though the power settings were set to Never Sleep, In advanced power settings, I found a setting to sleep in 360 minutes (6 hours). I set it to 99999. I'll see what happens this evening and let you know.
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This might be silly, but is the outlet the laptop plugged into at the client's controlled by a light switch?

It could be that the client is turning the lights off when closing for the night, and switching the power off for that outlet. The laptop then runs on battery for a while and either goes to sleep based on the power configuration for "while on battery power," or the battery drains and the laptop turns off.
No, the AC adapter is plugged directly into the UPS.  I also ran a self-test on the UPS and it passed.  

The system was running this morning so the setting I changed must have corrected the situation.

I'm going to give it another day or two to verify everything is OK before closing this posting.
@TG-TIS - Thank you for the update and I was happy to help.

... Thinkpads_User