SharePoint-hosted App (Part), IE specific problem: Page cannot be displayed.

Hello. I created SharePoint-hosted App Part and deployed it to my SharePoint 365 environment.   Everything worked until IE started to refuse to load my app to i frame (app part). I am getting the page cannot be displayed error while appart do  work with Firefox and Chrome browsers.  Whats going on? Certainly SharePoint must works with MS browsers!

EDIT: App Part works with another IE computer.
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mijaredConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I found this when implementing any changes in sharepoint. On my machine and testbed everything worked as expected but in the wild nothing works as expected.

What versions of IE are you using, IE11 has all sorts of new "improved" security settings.

Add the site to the trusted sites and try again.

Best regards,
tolppaAuthor Commented:
IE10. Seems like closing all  instances of IE browser/restart solved the the problem. But I would still like to know whats happening with IE.  Seems like I need to expect a huge number of support request.
tolppaAuthor Commented:
Not that I complain, but  I would hope some more testing  done by Microsoft.
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