MySQL select record where field does not contain % character

I have a table where field 1 is a varchar. I want to select records where field 1 does not contain the character '%'
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awking00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
where field not like '\%%' escape '\'
Dale FyeCommented:

WHERE [Field1] NOT LIKE '%[%]%'

Missed the starting wildcard character -
where field not like '%\%%' escape '\'
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Dale FyeCommented:
my expertise is Access, and that syntax would work in Access

WHERE [Field1] NOT LIKE "*[*]*"
jking1234Author Commented:
where field not like '%\%%' escape '\'  works ok in my test table but does not work on the real table where the field value is similar to

Don't know why that shouldn't work. Can you provide some sample data for the field1 from your real table and what you would expect the output to be?
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