Perl sort

Hi ,

I have a list of domain names which need to be sorted based on the topdomain name ( .com,,.org etc)

So in the below it was sorted in the format - cc,,com,net,org



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How do you want to specify or determine what the top domains are?  It's not possible to do this without some way of knowing what the "top domains" are (for instance, I would have said uk was the top domain (not
magentoAuthor Commented:

Yes, i understand.

But in the example i state is the top domain and not uk.

Is it possible to code using the i/p and o/p?

Are the top domains in your example the only ones we need to worry about?  If not, how do we know when you want the last component or the last two (or more) components of the domain name?

What do you mean by i/p and o/p?  I'm not familiar with those terms.
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magentoAuthor Commented:
I am sorry .

i/o and o/p means input and output respectively.

This is just for my learning so only the given examples is enough to work with .

This should do what you want...
use strict;
use warnings;
my %spec = ( uk=>1 );
my $fil = shift or die "Usage: $0 input_file\n";
open IN, $fil or die "could not open $fil: $!";
my @domains = map { chomp; $_ } <IN>;
close IN;
print join("\n", sort custom @domains), "\n";

sub custom {
    # extract the pieces
    my @pa = reverse split /\./, $a;
    my $sa = exists($spec{$pa[0]}) ? "$pa[1].$pa[0]" : $pa[0];
    my @pb = reverse split /\./, $b;
    my $sb = exists($spec{$pb[0]}) ? "$pb[1].$pb[0]" : $pb[0];
    # sort on top domain if different
    return $sa cmp $sb unless ($sa eq $sb);
    # otherwise just sort on the domain string
    # could be extended to sort by domain piece instead of string
    return $a cmp $b;

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magentoAuthor Commented:
Very helpful , thank you .
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